What Holiday Are You Crafting For?

We craft things all year ’round! Check out our holiday and season specific craft tutorials, SVG files, food crafts and so much more!

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Even before I had a crafting blog I was big into Christmas crafts! Every year I would make a completely different Christmas tree, including a pink tree covered in poodles. Perhaps someday I will find those pics, again, but until then, check out these other awesome Christmas crafts!

go big or go home this holiday season!

Giant Christmas Crafts

It probably is no coincidence that I started creating GIANT Christmas crafts as soon as I moved to Texas. After all, everything is bigger in Texas, right? Though these BIG ol’ craft projects are truly gigantic, their undertaking is anything but massive. Get the full tutorials with lots of tips and trips to go big this Christmastime!

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Crafting for Easter is definitely a lot of fun. My favorite? Easter eggs! From eggs that are gorgeous craft projects, to ones that are actually edible, we have ton of Easter egg craft tutorials for age and crafty skill level.

our most viral easter craft

Galaxy Easter Eggs

If you’ve ever perused Easter crafts on Pinterest you’ve more than likely seen our most popular Easter post, ever… The Galaxy Easter Eggs! These colorful, non-edible Easter eggs are easy to make with craft acrylic paints and a few easy to imitate techniques. See how to apply every layer of paint to achieve these stellar Easter beauties!

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Isn’t Halloween such fun? And Halloween Holiday Crafts are among my favorites! I veer toward the creepy cute end of the spectrum more than the gory side of things. But our Halloween crafts fall under every category. Psst – We even have an Edible Blood Recipe!

kid friendly halloween

No Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is such a big part of Halloween crafting. But what about when you don’t want to bust out that knife?

Whether you’re wanting an easy No Carve Pumpkin Craft for yourself or kiddos, these easy pumpkins may not need cutting, but that doesn’t make them any less cutting edge!

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I have to admit summer is probably my favorite season. Now I’m not a fan of the heat but I am a fan of the beach! See all of our summer inspired crafts from items to help keep you cool to projects you can use seashells you collect from the beach on vacation!

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Check out our Thanksgiving themed craft tutorials, free SVG files, pumpkin themed projects and more fun DIY projects to be thankful for.

sweet looking soaps for your sweet?

Chocolate Truffle Soap

Just because your sweet doesn’t eat sweets doesn’t mean you can’t give them some chocolate. Chocolate soap, that is! These chocolate scented truffle soaps look like chocolate and are perfectly gifted in a heart-shaped box or tin.

Make a Batch of Truffle Soaps

Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love love? With all of the pink and red and hearts and all, I just love creating for Valentine’s Day. Check out some of our best V-day Posts!