How to Open a ZIP File on a Computer or Mobile Device

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ZIP files are basically a digital folder that can hold multiple files. The folder is compressed, or zipped, to make it smaller and easier to download. ZIP files will always have .zip at the end of them and need to be unzipped to access the files inside.

All free files on this site including SVG cut files, PDF Printables, and Printable Crochet Patterns will be delivered in a ZIP File.

On a PC, right-click the file and select “Unzip” or “Extract.” For more help, visit: Zip and Unzip Files by Microsoft.

No, you don’t. If WinZip is already on your computer and wants you to purchase anything, uninstall the program and reboot your computer. The native unzipping feature in Windows should open your file with a right-click. For help uninstalling a program on a Windows PC, visit: Uninstall or Remove Apps and Programs in Windows.

To unzip a ZIP file on a Mac, double-click the file. For more help, visit: Zip and Unzip Files on a Mac.

On your Apple device open the Files app. Find the ZIP file and tap it to create an unzipped folder containing the files. Tap to open the folder. For more help, visit: How to Open ZIP Files on your iPhone or iPad.

Download the app Files by Google. At the bottom of the app tap “Browse”. Locate your ZIP file. Tap the file and in the pop-up select “Extract”. Tap “Done”. The extracted files will be in the same folder as the ZIP File was. For more help, visit: How to Unzip ZIP Files with Files by Google.

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