Troubleshooting SVG Files

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SVG and other cut files on this site are free for our Newsletter Subscribers. (YAY!) Subscribing to our newsletter is easy and costs nothing. By subscribing you’ll hear from me via email. Subscribers receive all sorts of fun crafty goodness including free files, post updates, the occasional good crafty deal, and more. I’ll never sell your information and you can unsubscribe at any time.

On each post that offers a free SVG file you will see a sign up form that looks something like this:

Enter your information and click the button to subscribe. You’ll receive a subscription confirmation email to download your free file.

It can take a minute (or two) for the form to appear if the blog is very busy. Leave the webpage up and check it in a few minutes. When it loads, it will look like this:

If you have not received the email, please check your Spam Folder.

If you use Gmail please open your Promotions Tab. You can find promotions in the menu on the left-hand side of gmail by clicking “More” and scrolling down OR in your Gmail inbox there are 3 tabs at the top of the page: Primary, Promotions, and Social. Click Promotions to check

Email isn’t always an instant thing and sometimes there is a bit of a delay between when your email is sent and when you actually receive it. Please wait a few minutes and re-check your email.

Still no message? Do me a solid and try the form one more time? Surprisingly often there is a typo in the email address and that’s the issue.

If you still don’t receive the email after you waited patiently a bit and you’re positive you used the correct email address and checked your spam and promotion folders, contact me and I can send you the file directly.

Even if you’ve filled out every free download form on this site you will not receive multiples of the same email address. You will, however, receive multiples if you sign up using an alternate email address.

Unfortunately downloaded files don’t always work well on tablets and phones. Open the email on your desktop or laptop computer and download it to that device. If you need it on your device you can email the SVG to yourself and download it to your device.

Don’t have a laptop or desktop? contact me and let me know which design you want and the file type you need and I’ll send it to you.

Recently the need for cut files other than SVGs have been requested by readers like you. All of our newer cut files will include 5 different cut file formats including: SVG, EPS, JPG, PNG, and DXF. If you download a cut file and it doesn’t have these additional files, please contact me and let me know which design you need and what file type you require. I’ll convert the file to the format you need and email it back to you.

Sorry! Contact me and let me know which design you need. I’ll reply with the correct file.

SVG is a file format that is common in the craft cutting world and you’ll need a cutting machine to use it. Around here we use a Cricut Maker or a Cricut Joy but you can use our cutting files with other machines as well.

Your SVG is zipped into a folder with other images and cut files plus a Read Me file that explains what you can and cannot do with the design. A ZIP file is just a folder that contains several documents and must be unzipped to access the files inside. Get more details on our ZIP files FAQ page.

Though it might seem like nothing is happening, something might be. After you click the button look around for the file on your computer. The file might automatically download to your desktop, documents, or downloads folder. Check those locations first.

If it isn’t there, do a file search on your computer for a ZIP file with “dreamalittlebigger”.

Need help? Find Your Documents in Windows. Find Your Documents on a Mac.

After clicking the button on a mobile device, check your Files or Downloads folder.

Need help on where to look? Find downloaded files on an Apple device. Find downloaded files on an Android device.

If you cannot locate the file, please try downloading the file to a desktop or laptop computer. If you still have trouble, please contact me.

Need help? Contact me!