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November 20, 2014Ama Ryllis

diy star cushion first

Christmas is just around the corner, you may have already start to put some decoration. One of the best accessories in home decor, are cushions. They are easy to change and affordable to make.

So, Today I’m gonna show you how to make star cushions. You can use glittery or Christmas fabrics if you want to make them for holiday’s season. But it will also work with some cute print fabrics for kid’s bedrooms.

The first thing you need to do is printing the pattern. It comes on 6 sheets that you need to tape together. Then cut along the line to have the star shape.


diy star cushion 1

Step 1: Report twice the star shape on the fabric.

diy star cushion 2

Step2: Pin the fabric on top of each other, right side inside.

diy star cushion 3

Step 3: Sew the edges with a serger, or with zigzag points. Leave an unsewn gap.

diy star cushion 4

Step 4: Turn the cushion to have the right-side out and iron, insist on the edges.

diy star cushion 5

Step 5: All around the star, make a seam at 1/2’ of the edge. Leave an unsewn gap.

diy star cushion 6

Step 6: Fill the cushion with foam filling.

diy star cushion 7

Step 7: Close the opening with pins and sew at 1/2’. Then finish by sewing the edge with a few hand stitches.

That’s it, enjoy! You can use it to give your sofa a Christmas touch. Or if you sew a ribbon on top, you can hang it on your front door.

diy star cushion e

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