Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Gift Giving

December 8, 2014Allison Murray
Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

Many years ago, pre-blog, I had gotten my aunt’s name for Christmas. After asking around I was told that she was super into reading on her Kindle. Since I am also a Kindle fanatic I knew a gift card would be a great thing to get. So I went all over town trying to find said Kindle gift card. Apparently everybody was a Kindle fanatic that year. I couldn’t find a card anywhere.

So I tried to think of something else to give her but I kept coming up short. I mean, I was pretty happy with my first idea and I was being stubborn. And then, the day before I was to leave for my sister’s place for Christmas, I found one. At the hardware store of all places. Score!

Not wanting to just toss it in a card, I sat in my office and thought and thought about how to package it. In the end, I sewed it inside of some brown paper on my sewing machine and I though the results were awesome!

When Rachel from Lines Across and the newly launched Let’s Wrap Stuff asked if I wanted to join in on a fancying up some brown paper packages I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

For this project you will need:

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

Cut out one star or other shape from your craft paper or cardstock. FYI – I went cardstock because I wanted a sharp, definite star shape.

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

Apply glue to just a bit of the front side of the card and smack into the center of your shape. DO NOT put glue where the magnetic strip is or the pin code on the back!

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

Run your glue all around the inside of the star shape…

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

Put onto another piece of brown paper and trim out.

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

Use any stitch you please to close up. I get these nifty stitches out of my Brother Project Runway Edition machine (I don’t even watch the show, though :)

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

If you want to be really fancy, you can sew the name in the center and then add in the gift card. Stitch up just the same as for the other!

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

Whether you go simple with just an edge around or fancier with names and crazy stitches, the effect is still the same…

Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Giving

A gift card, the gift sometimes seen as being impersonal, seems less so when time is taken to carefully wrap it! Now, this fall, Rachel of Lines Across launched Let’s Wrap Stuff, a website devoted to all things gift wrap related. To celebrate its launch, Rachel challenged me and a select group of talented bloggers to come up with a creative gift wrap idea using plain kraft paper. Who doesn’t love brown paper packages tied up with string? Check out all 24 creative kraft paper gift wrap ideas below.

Brown Paper Packages - 24 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

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