Looking to pass the time? Take up a new hobby! These perfect crafts during isolation are great for beginners with materials that are easy to find!
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Isolation is the freaking pits. But it’s necessary. I get that. But I really don’t like it. Like, I had a panic attack yesterday afternoon thinking I absolutely could NOT leave my house. It appears that I had given into a bit of ranting and raving online about our recent Stay Home order. And a bit of what was said was way extreme. Like, I was so worried I could not leave my house EVER AGAIN. Or until April 12, if, hopefully the order isn’t extended.

Because I have O.C.D. when I get going on something I GET GOING and it’s hard to stop. And to help ease my panic I did a few things. First up I called my mom and my sister and they calmed me down. I took a little something to help when I realized that my extremely labored breathing wasn’t any dangerous virus. I knew that it just had a really nasty panic attack but it just clung to me for so long. As I was still willing myself to be calm I took a piece of paper and made a list of new things to try to take advantage of this time.

And today I’m sharing with you what I think are the perfect crafts during isolation. Because it might be a bit of a trying time for a lot of us. And busy hands can really, really help.

I’m trying to keep in mind that you can’t just run out to the craft store like you could a few weeks ago.

So most of these crafts are something you can source supplies or purchase kits for online. Lots of small businesses are still operating on Etsy. You can find so many fabulous craft kits, patterns and supplies here. And right now small business really needs our support.

I also wanted to keep in mind that there are shipping delays and you might want to start something sooner. A lot of these projects you can get all of the supplies ordered from Walmart Grocery and have them placed right into your trunk at the store. Or, even better, you can have them delivered. I’m trying to take advantage of the delivery option because it’s a source of income for a lot of delivery drivers. Just remember that they’re putting themselves out on the front line to bring us our stuff and tip accordingly :)

And, finally, some of this stuff is available on Amazon.com. Word of warning, keep your eyes peeled for price gouging because it’s rampant. I really, really wanted a jigsaw puzzle but I haven’t found a 1000 piece for less than about $40. That’s crazy when they were selling for ten to fifteen before this hullabaloo.

Okay, so project materials covered…

Want to see my 11 Perfect Crafts During Isolation?

I know a lot of us are in areas where non-essential places like craft stores are not currently open. When supplies are needed I’m linking to them online beneath each suggestion. I will also mention if it was something I was able to order for delivery or drive up pickup via online order. <— Because you can get that way faster.

Project #1: Just in General Learn a New Craft

There are TONS of other crafts to start out… If you’ve always dreamed of learning to knit, this is a really good time to do it. The craft section of lots of Walmart stores include materials to knit, crochet, embroider, sew, make floral pieces. Heck, you can even get a Cricut Maker delivered from Walmart or one from from Target brought out to your car. You could be making lots of adorable SVG tee shirts within 24 hours!

Things to do in isolation... take up sewing and make something useful like this GORGEOUS design from Me Sew Crazy.
Click through this image to save pin this gorgeous DIY dress from Me Sew Crazy or to grab the pattern.

Or what about sewing? Wouldn’t it be neat to hang out on your patio or balcony in a pretty and simple dress you sewed yourself? Like that DIY Trapeze Tank Dress up there from Me Sew Crazy. Can you believe that’s a beginner friendly pattern? I LOVE IT.

There is a WEALTH of knowledge online

Project #2: Refinish a Piece of Furniture

 Ever wondered how to paint furniture like a pro? With the right tools and prep work, painting furniture with professional results is a breeze!

And last, but not least… how about giving that old furniture a new look? Or maybe even hacking a new piece of furniture into something else? I’ve got a post especially about how to paint furniture like a pro that might be useful.

I know that getting into a store to buy a quart of paint for a furniture makeover might not be in the cards right now. I’m not sure if this is a new thing or not, but you can actually order custom colors of BEHR paint online through Home Depot.  I ordered a quart of Noble Blush and the estimated delivery time is 4 days so it’s not too long of a wait. Just remember that colors on computer screens can differ and the color you get in the mail might be different than what you saw on your computer screen.

If painting isn’t something you’re interested in, you can also change hardware on drawers and cabinets. It can make a pretty huge impact without the mess! And they have such fun and quicky knobs and pulls these days. Just look at my fun gold cicada knobs up there!

Project #3: Learn to Play an Instrument

Things to do in isolation.. learn to play an instrument!

I suppose this is more creative than crafty, but… I would LOVE to order a ukelele. If you’re a beginner (like I would be) you can learn on a kid’s version which is pretty cheap. Like, you can grab one of those around $30 if you kind of shop around. (Remember on Amazon prices fluctuate a TON so definitely shop around). I figure I LOVE music so why wouldn’t I love playing the ukelele? We’ll see. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire already :)  You can also get a pair of bongo drums for around $35 or a foldable glockenspiel for around $60. Heck, you can get a freaking theremin for less than a hundred. And know what? I betcha a lot that you’d probably be the ONLY theremin player at your company when you went back to work.

Project #4: Fold 1000 Paper Cranes & (Other Origami)

They say if you fold 1000 paper cranes your wish will come true. It seems like a pretty good time to call in a favor via wish :) There are some great directions to fold origami cranes here. And you can purchase an affordable 1000 pack of origami sheets perfect for taking this project head on!

It's so simple to fold these pretty origami hearts. You can use them for garland or banners or give 1 for each day you've been with your sweetie (that's what I did! 100 for 100 days :)

If 1000 sounds a bit daunting you can also fold up some origami paper hearts. I promise it’s super easy! I thought it would be neat to write on the backside of each heart something I love. Fold my pieces of paper up and put them in a jar. Because though things stink right now, there is so much I love and have to be thankful for. Expressing gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving :)

This is one of the greatest crafts during isolation, in my opinion because the paper is cheap. And you can use it to take a break for just a few minutes here and there if you don’t necessarily want to get really involved in a project.

Project #5: Learn to Paint

Things to do in isolation... take a painting class with Amanda Evanston online!
Click through this image to pin this photo or learn more about Amanda Evanston’s Online Floral Painting Class.

There are so many online resources to take classes to learn a craft. But I especially love the idea of art classes and the top of my list is the Secret Garden painting course by Amanda Evanston. If you’ve ever seen her work it’s pretty darn iconic and recognizable. When I scroll through Pinterest sometimes I go, that’s Amanda’s and that’s Amanda’s without even needing to click! Her paintings go super fast and while I got in and got one quite some time ago I haven’t successfully scored another… But I love the aesthetic SO MUCH.

That’s why I’m super stoked about her painting class…I And when I get some of my other projects wrapped up I’m going to my Amanda Evanston original a homemade cousin :)

If you don’t already having paints, brushes and canvases at home, a lot of that can be delivered from Walmart in a grocery order. Otherwise you can purchase online from Michael’s stores and have them bring it out to your car for you!

Project #6: Latch Hook a Rug

This is one that I’m currently working on, too! (Actually I’m working on TWO!) Latch hook is a really satisfying craft. It’s super easy and you get something really useful like a rug or the front of a shaggy pillow! To make a latch hook rug you’ll need the latch hook, a rug canvas and the yarn. If you need some help, learn to latch hook here.

Make a latch hook Mondrian inspired rug

If creating your first design use straight lines and squares, like my Mondrian rug I made back 2013. Conveniently you can also purchase latch hook kits, often with fairly intricate designs of things like animals. Most don’t come with the latch hook tool itself, though, so be sure to grab one of those, too.

Project #7: Sew Face Masks to Donate to Local Hospitals or Nursing Homes

If you have fabric and elastic at home you can always make face masks to donate locally. Here there have been calls for handmade face masks for first responders and nursing home staff and residents. I’ve heard that without a filter like on a paper mask these aren’t super effective but that they’re better than nothing. In our community they will be worn over disposable masks that are having to be reused over and over due to the mask shortage. Since the fabric ones can be washed after a shift it’s just an extra layer of protection (or perhaps comfort) for those on our front lines of this health crisis.

Project #8: Crochet an Afghan

Crochet a polka dot afghan with this free pattern!

I love this idea so much that I bought 3 jumbo skeins of Knit Picks Brava Yarn and I’m totally wishing I got that pretty mint color (but there’s always next time). I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it I just know that it’s going to be a lighter afghan that will work well for me when I get chilled but it’s still kind of warm around here. Because, no lie, it gets freaking hot in the Houston area.

If you want a pattern to work off of, check out my Ruffled Edge Polka Dot Afghan but be warned it’s practically a dang weighted blanket. It is heavy. The yarn used in it is Lion Brand Hometown USA. They carry it for around $3 a skein at Walmart so you might be able to order it and have it delivered! And since it seems all we’ve got is time to kill right now, why not make a temperature afghan that honors a happier time by recording the temperature of each day over so many weeks or months? And if neither of those catch your fancy, I’ve got a list of 40+ modern crochet afghan patterns for you to peruse!

Project #9: Paint by Number

Things to do in isolation... decorate your space with a paint by number!

If you love the idea of painting but don’t have the confidence to tackle a full blown class, try a paint by number! They’ve got a few options currently on Amazon like this gorgeous paint by number owl. I’ve ordered this floral paint by numbers kit for adults for myself because it will look gorgeous in my bedroom once it’s done! If ordering from Amazon be sure to look at the delivery dates. I purchased something and even with prime shipping it won’t be getting here until May 1.

Project #10: Make a Rag Quilt

Things to do in isolation... Make a rag quilt!

This is another project I’m currently working on! I’ve got all of my materials I just have to get everything cut and I’m off! I love rag quilts because they’re super easy to make even without any prior quilt making experience. I made one many years back and shared the tutorial here. There are lots of fabric stores online like fabric.com but you can also support small business by purchasing fabric online through someplace like Etsy! I’ve made purchases from both Lucy in the Sky Quilts and Fabrics and Anna Daisy Fabrics and recommend both.

Project #11: Take up Needle Punch

Things to do in isolation... decorate your space with a needle punch like this GORGEOUS design from The Urban Acres on Etsy.

This is obviously a very general idea but who among us crafty folks doesn’t have SOME type of thing they’d like to try out. I’ve always wanted to do punch needle work so I ordered a new Oxford Punch Needle from Alice in Stitches on Etsy. Though I’ve drawn up a few basic ideas for designs myself it’s always a good idea to start with a project from an expert. My first project is this Gorgeous Spring Beetle Punch Needle Pattern by The Urban Acres on Etsy. I’ve got my pattern downloaded now I just have to wait for my monk’s cloth and punch to come in!

Project #12: Learn Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is a fabulous project to take on during isolation because you only need writing implements and paper! How brilliant is that? So grab your notepad and head over to learn how to hand letter with Amy Latta. And if you’re already beyond this beginner lesson, she’s got a TON of hand lettering tutorials. Ooh, and she also has quite a few published books you can purchase to learn, as well)!

That’s, it! My dazzling dozen crafts for isolation!

Did you find anything you want to take up to help you pass the time? Do you have an idea for another craft with easy to obtain supplies that I should try out? Let me know in the comments!

Looking to pass the time? Take up a new hobby! These perfect crafts during isolation are great for beginners with materials that are easy to find!

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