Love Potion Necklace

December 20, 2014Rachil Luke

I know what you’re thinking, just by reading the title, a love potion? In the middle of December? I know it’s a little unseasonal, but when inspiration strikes, sometimes you cannot wait for the appropriate holiday. Good thing the internet is forever so I can re-draw everyone’s attention to this post around February.


I get inspired by jewelry charms or pendants, I’m not sure what you’d call them. There are walls and walls of them in craft stores with whimsical names like Fairy Tale, Bloom, Steampunk etc. and I am always drawn to them. This time I went into AC Moore to grab paintbrushes and like some horrible magnetic force I was drawn to the jewelry wall after I’d already started to stand in line. Like I said, I have it bad.

Here is what I left with. I saw such potential, and it delivered, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Find out what you need to make your own below!



  • Necklace Vial (Mine is Steampunk brand from AC Moore)
  • E6000
  • Assorted Glitters
  • Assorted Sculpey
  • BBQ Skewer
  • Necklace
  • Jump Ring
    Not Pictured:
  • Pink or Red Food Coloring
  • Dish Soap
  • Water

Step 1:  1.) Roll a small ball of your clay. 2.) Squeeze the ball at one end, creating a point. 3.) Use the BBQ skewer to create a small indention in your heart. 4.) All done!

Bake your hearts according to your instructions on the package!


Step 2: Prepare your other ingredients for your love potion!

Mix all your glitters!


Color your liquid! (Mine looks orange, but I swear it’s melon pink)


Step 3: Mix your potion together! You’ll also need to add a tiny drop of liquid soap to your mixture to make the glitter float and do it’s glittery thang.

Step 4: Apply a small amount of glue to the lid of your vial, making sure to get it in the groves to make your container water-proof. Don’t use too much or it will leak into your potion, or you can try letting it dry upside down.
Step 5: Add your jump ring to the top of your vial and attach it to your necklace!


It’s really hard to represent how amazingly awesome this necklace is and how happy it makes me to shake it via the internet. I did my best with this .gif.
This necklace is super customizable, make it in any color or theme that you want! If you want to see some other jewelery tutorials of mine check out my newly updated project gallery! I won’t be talking to you guys until next year so Happy New Years!

Til Next Time!


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