DIY Mandala Yoga Mat

May 31, 2016Allison Murray
Have the most amazing yoga mat in the studio with this simple mandala yoga mat tutorial!

Have the most amazing yoga mat in the studio with this simple mandala yoga mat tutorial!

A while back ago I was told that yoga would be good for me. Not just good for my body but for my mind and soul, too. I was in.

I went to a few free classes and I was informed that yoga is not for everyone. I have a curved spine which makes getting the posture right difficult and I have little to no balance. Seriously. I can tip over from a slight breeze. My first class I got an inspiration pep talk. “It’s just your first time! There is a learning  curve.” I guess it was my third class when I was informed that perhaps I should practice with videos at home or get personal instruction.

I know exactly what they were thinking “O.M.G – there’s she goes again – watch her go!” “This chick is a tipsy lawsuit waiting to happen!” And while the idea of one on one instruction seemed like a good idea, especially since there would be somebody right there to help me if I went feet up, but it just wasn’t in my budget.

Down here in South Texas things are a lot more laid back. Unless you’re driving in which case everybody is a light running, honk at you half a second after the light turns green for being a slow mambajamba, horn beepin’ for no good dang reason a-hole. You’ll see a sweet looking old lady and she’ll be all road ragin’ you because she doesn’t realize that she ISN’T in a turn lane.

But most other times people are so relaxed about things. Before I moved here I had flown in to visit Rob and I didn’t have a car. He had work during the day so I walked down to the convenience store on the corner when I got antsy. I felt so sorry for the poor girl working the cashier and she apologized that the wait was so long. I made a comment about how they should have somebody there to help her and she said something to the effect of ” the guy who was supposed to work with her just didn’t come in today.” And then I said something like, “oh, no! I hope he doesn’t lose his job”. It was explained that he wouldn’t get fired he just wouldn’t get paid. Um, what? Every job I’ve ever had if I just decided to not show up without even a call and left work severely understaffed they would not have hesitated to fire me right away.  Apparently there is a “manana attitude” which doesn’t necessarily mean tomorrow as it would seem to imply. It just means not today.

Have the most amazing yoga mat in the studio with this simple mandala yoga mat tutorial!

But I’ve gotten sidetracked here. As my booty keeps expanding I decided that I’m going to give yoga the old college try one more time. After all, I have like 5 pairs of yoga pants the least I can do is do something other than sleep in them and go to the grocery store in them every once in a while :)

So I did what I always seem to do and I made a DIY mandala yoga mat that I am in LOVE with! Rob was so sweet to go with me out to the resaca and take pictures of my gorgeous mat in a really quite and serene setting. At least it was quiet until I got loud “I can’t hold these poses for very long! Can you take the picture already?!” :)

Head on over to Mom Spark to see how I made this gorgeous yoga mat and have the prettiest in the whole studio!

Have the most amazing yoga mat in the studio with this simple mandala yoga mat tutorial!

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  • Mike

    June 4, 2016 at 3:57 PM

    I’m sorry to hear that the yoga classes didn’t work out so well for you Allison. I don’t think yoga is for me either. I remember trying it my first year in college (because I was so anxious and amped up about going; yeah…) and I was told that this yoga was supposed to help me with my anxiety and to be “more at peace”.

    So I tried it, but I think all it did was make me sore and stretch in places I didn’t know I had. It didn’t exactly relax me and all I could think of when I was done was how stupid I must have looked to everyone as the instructor had to keep helping me with some of the poses.

    So Yoga’s not for me I don’t think. But hey, wonderful that you wish to give it that ‘ol college try again!

    And what a beautiful yoga mat to do it on! :)

    Speaking of road rage, there seems to be a lot of that going on lately. Like the other day, I’m walking through this parking lot and this guy cuts this woman in an SUV off and she starts screaming at him; cursing, giving him the finger, all the typical acts of road rage, or in this case, “parking lot rage”. People are just so angry these days it seems. Maybe more people should take up yoga. Or at least take some anger management classes. Geezzz….

    And yeah, I would totally be handed a “pink slip” in a minute if I had done what this guy you described did, no questions asked. On the other hand, I wish I could be more relaxed about things like this guy. Trying to stay on top of everything can be a real energy drainer at times, and sometimes it leaves you with the question of whether or not it’s really worth it.

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