DIY Embroidery Hoop Orbs

August 3, 2016Allison Murray
How to make an orb out of embroidery hoops. It makes a great hanging air plant holder!

How to make an orb out of embroidery hoops. It makes a great hanging air plant holder!

So you might have notice that things have been a bit quiet around here. It’s all been for good reason, though. First of all my very first manuscript for my very first published book was due on August 1, and so I was FREAKING OUT over the last 18 days to get ‘er done. You see I had planned on about a week longer to wrap it up but I got a little sick and a little spent and we wound up not making it home from vacation on time. It seriously ate into my work time.

And so I’ve been holed up in my little office with hands that look oddly colorfully bruised knocking out tons and tons of crafts using alcohol inks. My days would start around 6:30 in the morning and I’d wind it down about 10 at night. I had a 2 week headache that either came from staring at the computer screen or the constant alcohol fumes hanging in the air, I’m not quite sure. But yesterday, yesterday was August 2. The day AFTER my book was due. I got up super early, because it’s become a bit of a habit now and I worked for 4.5-5  hours before I decided that I deserved a break.

I was feeling terribly guilty because the blog has been pretty silent during these crazy book writing days and I felt like I needed to keep working. Can you believe it? I felt guilty that I worked only about five hours.  But I quickly got over it and Rob and I took the puppies to get tacos for Taco Tuesday and then I laid down in the closet and let my new kitten climb all over me.

And that’s big news around here, too! Our Marla has been sad and lonely and we were planning on bringing Maxi home with us but it looks like he’s firmly in place at my parents’ house these days. It’s not fair for Mar to not have a playmate so we decided that as celebration, the day of the book being completely turned in we’d get a kitten.

Meet Maybelline.

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Her name was Cinnamon but we’ve changed her name to Maybelline and we call her Maybe and sometimes Baby. Integrating her has been rough because Carly has been flipping out every time she sees her and that makes Ollie run to Carly’s protection against this itty bitty thing. So we’re taking it slow and Maybe has the master closet/bathroom all to herself. She’s a tough little thing and it shouldn’t be long before all is well and everybody is happily living together, I think. It has only been since Monday evening, after all.

How to make an orb out of embroidery hoops. It makes a great hanging air plant holder!

But I’ve gotten so offtrack here… In the middle of all of the hubbub I still got my post in over at Mom Spark late last month and I turned some unused wooden embroidery hoops into an orb that I put my last surviving air plant into. The idea was to get this sucker out of Marla’s path because she’s been eating my plants!

In the end, I absolutely love this guy and it looks perfect on my craft room/office wall hanging from a white moose’s antler. The best part was this project was cheap, easy and it looks super mod. Plus it’s totally customizable since you can stain or paint the wood to match your needs. I had strongly considered using my faux rust paint set to make it look all industrial and old but I can’t find the set so au’naturale it is!

So if you’re still here after my rambling with me I’d like to send you on over to Mom Spark so you can check it out. Embroidery Hoop Orb Air Plant Holder

It’s likely that things are not going to pick up as quickly as I’d like so there will be a few post-less days while I get caught up and allow myself a bit of time to just be. But know this, I’m glad to be back. I’m glad that you’re back. I’m glad that you continued visiting the blog and read through older projects while I was gone. Thanks for supporting my dreams, guys. Even with the stress of it all, I’ve had no doubt that life has been good. :)

How to make an orb out of embroidery hoops. It makes a great hanging air plant holder!

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  • Cat C

    August 4, 2016 at 9:43 AM

    Welcome, Maybe! Super cute kitty :) CONGRATS on getting your book completed and turned in on time!

    1. Allison Murray

      August 4, 2016 at 6:14 PM

      Thanks so much :)

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