DIY Christmas Star door decor

November 23, 2016Ama Buffin


Time to start decorating for Christmas! If you are looking for a nice front door decor, and you would like something different than the traditional wreath, this is the perfect craft for you. Let’s make a nice and modern star decoration. I use it as a door ornament but it will also look great on top of the fire place or hanged on the wall.

To make your star ornament, you will need: 2 wooden lattices of 1 1/2 in. x 1/4 in. x 8 ft., some glue and acrylic paint, some fake foliage, a few Christmas ornaments, a ribbon and a glue gun.


Cut the lattice in 5 pieces of 30 inches long and sand the edges.


Arrange the 5 wooden pieces to form a 5 branches star shape. Put glue at each tip end and at each intersection. Hold the shape with clamps while the glue dries.


Once the glue is dry and your star shape sturdy, drill a hole into one of the tip to be able to pass a ribbon through it.


Paint the star. As I wanted a rough finish I added a little water into the paint that way the wood veins stills show up under the paint coat. Try to choose a color that will contrast with the background where you plan to hang your star. If you want to hang it on a white wall, choose better a darker color. Staining the wood instead of painting it, is also a nice option if you want a natural finish.


Use your glue gun to fix the foliage on the star, then add some Christmas ornament on top of it to add a little sparkle. Pass the ribbon through the hole, make a knot and you are ready to hang your star.


It looks really nice on the playroom sliding door. I didn’t decide what decor I will use for our front door. I’m hesitating between the last year wreath or the door ribbon wrap. Any preference?


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