• How to Make a Blanket Ladder

    September 10, 2020

    If you’ve got a lot of blankets this DIY blanket ladder is just what you need! With easy to follow directions, make your own gorgeous ladder! Back in 2016 I was in pretty much the same position I am in now and made a DIY Throw Ladder. In a new-ish house I’ve got my feathers…

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  • Easy Crochet Jute Pillow Pattern

    August 28, 2020

    This round crochet jute pillow free pattern is gorgeous, simple, and adds some fun texture to your home decor. Back in June I figured out just how amazing it is to crochet with jute. I hooked together this easy Crochet Jute Doormat Pattern (with tassels!) and fell in LOVE. Now I’ve hooked together 4 different projects…

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  • DIY Furry Headboard

    August 25, 2020

    This DIY furry headboard is super easy to make and so comfy to rest against. Add some fun bohemian flair to your bed with a faux fur headboard! Some days I walk around my house and I’m disappointed that I haven’t made it my own, yet. The previous owner had a very strong and very…

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  • DIY Terrazzo Stepping Stones

    August 18, 2020

    These DIY terrazzo stepping stones are simple to make but so gorgeous! Adorn your yard with these colorful beauties! It’s been some really weird times lately, hasn’t it? I suppose that I’ve started to get used to the way things are now. Constant face masks, happy dancing at the grocery store when I find hand…

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  • DIY Cat Scratching Post

    August 5, 2020

    This DIY Cat Scratching Post lasts for years and is budget friendly and gives your cats something other than the sofa to scratch on! You might have noticed that I’ve been redoing a lot of my old projects I’ve already shared here on the blog. In a way, that makes me super happy because it…

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  • Round Crochet Rainbow Pillow Pattern

    July 28, 2020

    Looking for a fun, colorful, and fringed DIY addition to your decor? Get the free pattern and hook up this round crochet rainbow pillow! The last few weeks around my house have been pretty darn UGH. I got sick and just had a hard time doing anything. All I wanted to do was lay around…

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  • DIY Embossed Stepping Stones

    July 24, 2020

    Curious how to make stepping stones? It’s so easy! These gorgeously embossed stepping stones are deceptively simple to make and create the prettiest paths! It’s kind of amazing to think that I’ve been crafting up stuff for this blog since 2012. And in that time I’ve made and remade a whole bunch of things that…

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  • Fired Ink Art Tutorial

    July 18, 2020

    You don’t have to be an artist to make this stunningly gorgeous DIY fired ink art! Learn how to make these colorful and totally unique DIY paintings! About 2 weeks ago I woke up with a crazy sore throat and I had to remind myself that it wasn’t time to panic. It took me AGES…

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  • Brushstrokes on Glass Abstract Art Tutorial

    July 5, 2020

    If you can draw dots and dashes and can hold a paintbrush you’re well on your way to making brushstrokes on glass with this simple abstract art tutorial! Just the other day I realized that I have been in my house over 7 months. That seems so crazy to me because it has flown by.…

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