Simple Bird Feeder

August 25, 2016Allison Murray

Turn a wooden box into a simple bird feeder. Your feathered friends will thank you!

You know how life just sometimes goes nuts on you? Rob needed a new car before work started this last Monday so we headed to Houston so he could get a good deal. I was happy because it meant that I could visit my parents and I could get my prescriptions compounded. We also have a Texas travel blog we’re starting to work on and we looked forward to visiting a few places, snap a few pics and write a few posts about neat things to do in the area. It was to be a short trip, just a few short days, really, and we were planning on jamming a TON of stuff into them.

It worked out that we needed to stick around one extra day so that I could run down to my pharmacy in South Houston and while we were at it we decided to hit up a museum that all of us wanted to visit near the airport. We headed out to the museum first and as we were leaving post visit in the drizzle my mom slipped, fell, and broke her ankle in 3 places and dislocated her leg bone. It was seriously the grossest injury I’ve ever witnessed on another person. And so since Thursday of last week I’ve been hanging out at the hospital waiting for my mom to get things all patched up. But we’re home now. Yay!

Well, I’m at my parent’s home which is also one of my homes. Rob went back to work and I’m the chief errand runner and dog walker. I’ve been supposed to also be the cook but after a few nights of not making the potato soup I have all of the ingredients for it’s been all TV dinners and fresh fruit :)

Turn a wooden box into a simple bird feeder. Your feathered friends will thank you!

But I’m finally getting back into action and making things and I couldn’t be happier. Sitting in the hospital I did make a few things here and there, mostly I started cross-stitching on some quilt blocks that I hope to one day piece into a lap quilt. But that’s a loooong project, not something I can whip up and toss up on the blog. To be honest it was difficult to concentrate on anything much more involved so I’m a weensy bit behind with work.

First up after my accidental sabbatical is a bird feeder I made over at Mom Spark. Easy was the ticket so this project can be whipped up quicksmart and feeding the neighborhood birds in no time flat. Granted I kept forgetting to buy birdseed but I tried filling it with the last of the deer corn until I felt badly that they were hungry and I fed them instead of keeping it in my feeder. What can I say? I’m a pushover for anything with 4 legs. Cats. Dogs. Deer. I love them all.

Not to keep from sharing the love with our feathered, 2 legged friends I’ve popped this bird feeder out in the trees here at my parents’ house and, with a bit of luck, I might actually remember to buy birdseed for it! But until then, head on over to Mom Spark to see how to make this super quick project and I’ll head on out to run some errands. A helpful daughter is a good daughter, after all :)

Turn a wooden box into a simple bird feeder. Your feathered friends will thank you!

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