12 Modern Valentine DIY Projects

February 4, 2014Allison Murray
Sneak a peak at a dozen awesome modern Valentine DIY projects from handmade cards to jewelry to decor!

12 Modern Valentine Projects

I’m absolutely loving on the modern Valentine DIY thing going down and I’ve got quite a collection to share with you today. Sneak a peek and get ready to get your DIY on because each leads to a fantastic tutorial or free printable!

diy-gem-valentines-day (1)

These gorgeously shiny DIY geometric concrete magnets from At Home In Love are tackling two on trend crafts going down right now. They’re easy enough to make and so unique. There’s also a free printable to include with these fun guys.


Fall for DIY is one of my favorite jewelry blogs because everything is unique and totally doable. Much like these concrete heart pendants! How much would you love getting one of these beauties for Valentine’s Day? Or you can make your own!


I love you more than disco! This is such a unique and modern project from Julep that I’m totally digging. The project is simple enough to carry out but so awesome!


This geometric heart felt garland is super modern and super inexpensive to make utilizing super cheap felt. A great project by How About Orange.


These gold glitter lollipops are super modern looking with their suspended gold flecks, don’t you think? Pop Cosmo will share with you the awesome recipe so you can make your own!

small geometric heart 5

Oleander and Palm will show you how to make hip, framed geometric heart art on the cheap just in time for your Valentine decor. And on a side note… how stinkin’ cute is that fox?


Looking for a bit of Valentine’s Day inspired wall decor that you can leave up hear round? Check out this DIY Geometric Heart Bulletin Board from Hello Lucky.


Monsters Circus will always fix you up with some thoroughly awesome and modern DIY. This leather heart can be a pendant or a key chain and only takes 10 minutes!


These geometric paper hearts are adorable, aren’t they? Mini Eco will share with you a free printable that will help you accomplish these fab little guys. Just print on your choice of color paper and follow the tutorial to fold up!


To be honest, I had a TERRIBLE time choosing which project by Mini Eco I wanted to share so I’m sharing two. This freebie is meant as gift wrap but I also think it could be used for awesomely modern cards or even a coloring book page! Oh, and while you’re there, there’s only a million other projects I would have loved to share, so look around!


This freebie is both modern and classic at the same time! The heart is distinctly geometric and the cross-stitching makes it extra special because of the effort. I love this project from Dandee. Hearts Stitched Together.


Last, but not least, we have Justina from The Fiber Lab, where techy meets pretty. This string heart is a masterpiece of geometry. See how to make your own, or just marvel at the amazing process!





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  • Aurelia Eglantine

    February 11, 2014 at 9:45 PM

    This is a great collection Allison! I really like those cross-stitched double-heart cards :) And it’s a little early, but Happy Valentine’s Day!

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