15 DIY Projects for Cat Lovers

March 3, 2014Allison Murray
These DIY projects for cat lovers will keep you in style and in smiles! So much fun and totally purrfect!


Okay, so you already know I love my cats. No big surprise there. But maybe you didn’t know that I love all cats. Even the mean ones, the ones missing part of an ear or the homeless ones. Wait… especially the homeless ones.

And like so many of my fellow feline lovers I’ve found that we love cat things just because they have a freaking cat on them. I’ll buy a notebook that costs $2 more even though I’m one cheap-o son of a gun, simply because it has a cute cat on it. Yes, when I hit the office/school supplies portion of the store, I revert to a ten year old girl. Kitties!

So here are my favorite DIY projects for cat lovers, but not necessarily for cats!


1 milk jug rings use

First up we have these fantastic rings made by milk jugs out by Leslie over at Pink Stripey Socks. The flowers are fun, but the cat is where it’s at! Make milk jug rings.


So the guy on the left is a bunny, but that guy on the left is totally a cat! And he reminds me an awful lot of a different black cat I know! See how to make these absolutely adorable vintage-inspired string holders over at Handmade Charlotte!


There are TONS of tutorials for how to make your own cat toe flats, but I like these colorful beauties from Julie Ann Art. Plus there’s a video! DIY Cat Toe Flats.


Another cat ring! I especially like rings because you can wear them without being all out there about being nuts for cats. Not that I mind everyone knowing, but this is subtle. As far as I’m concerned, Wobi Sobi knocks this one out of the park with this amazing Kitty Cat Wire Ring DIY.


Can you ever really have enough cat apparel? Because I can’t… and I’m totally in love with this super easy and super inexpensive DIY stamped cat shirt from Alyssa B. Young. Even if you’re not an accomplished artist, this is one graphic tee you can totally rock out!


And here’s a project for all of those crafty cat ladies out there… These kitty cat embroidery patterns from The Pink Samurai are not only adorable, they’re also free! Get ’em!


Somewhere in the very recent past I started biting my nails again. Dang! But if I didn’t, I’d really, really want these DIY cat nail decals from Transient Expression. I could even use my own kitties and a handful of the strays I’ve helped out. Wouldn’t that be fun? This looks super hard, but it’s really not. Sneak over to see just how simple (and genius) this DIY nail art is!


And wouldn’t you just love a leather kitty phone pouch to carry your smart phone around with those pretty nails? This tutorial from Lana Red is super easy to follow and super fun!


And if you’re looking for some cat lover approved winter wear, why not add a big ol’ cat face to your sweater! This is fun, and while large, still comes across as understated. Get the full DIY over at La La Faux Bois (and don’t you just LOVE that blog name?!)


Now this cat pillow from Citrus and Cream is so adorably cute and cuddly. Perhaps this would be fantastic for the cat lover away at college or, perhaps the cat lover whose husband is allergic? I think so! Oh, and this guy is made by upcycling old sweats so it’s bound to be super comfy! Easy Sew Valentine’s Kitty


It would seem that I am totally out of touch with popular culture these days BUT even I know who the Grumpy Cat is! And how amazing are these Grumpy Cat Shorts from iLoveToCreate? These guys take a LOT of talent but if you’ve got the skills, this would be so much fun! I do speak from experience that small children, even ones you don’t know, like to grab things that look like cats so, you’ve been warned.


Ah! Cute overload! See how to make your own totally adorable printed cat pouch at Minted Strawberry. I especially love that you can totally customize this to be a makeup bag, clutch, coin purse or whatever you need, really! Add a handle and it’s an awesome wristlet!

Porcelain Painting Schluffi-12

I love this upside down cat mug SO MUCH. Maybe it’s the simple style or the black on white but it’s amazing. See the tutorial from Deli from the Valley and also check out how to draw on ceramics the RIGHT way (p.s. there isn’t a Sharpie in sight). Hot Fish Soup Meow.


This is another fun little DIY for crafty cat lovers from Little White Whale… Keep your string organized and cute with these adorable string organizers. Perhaps the best part of all is that these are really simple and require no printing. If you can draw two dots and a triangle, you’re in business! DIY String organizers.


And last, but certainly not least is a DIY so totally amazing that I just don’t know what to say… Aunt Peaches will totally teach you hot to get your cat into a celebrity portrait. This is purrfect! Lola and Neil Together at Last.


Happy start to your week!

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  • Lix

    March 3, 2014 at 1:19 PM

    I’ve got some fabric printed with photos of my cat already, and plans for it! Hahaha. I want that graphic tee though! But I don’t want to make it, too lazy. I just want it to show up on Etsy so I can buy it with a gift card I have, lol.

  • Sarah

    March 7, 2014 at 6:09 AM

    Hey Alison,
    thank you so much for posting my DIY cat mug :-) and for your GREAT HUGE ENORMOUS GIANT feedback.
    You have a really nice website – especially the cat stuff is super cute. I’ll return!
    Sarah from
    Deli From The Valley

  • Aki @ Minted Strawberry

    March 8, 2014 at 10:57 AM

    Hey Alison!

    Thanks for featuring my printed cat pouch! Love the round-up. Cat lovers forever! :)

  • Stephanie

    March 29, 2014 at 1:54 PM

    Thanks for including our upcycled kitty pillow!

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