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I’ve grown into the idea of celebrating Halloween as an adult, but it took me a while to get there. I guess I was a bit self-conscious about the whole dressing up thing, but who knows… There were a few years when I was a working gal that costumes were *REQUIRED on certain days of work that drove me nuts. When I explained that I REALLY didn’t want to do it my boss told me that I’d surprise myself and have fun and that REQUIRED meant I did it or I didn’t have a job. Whelp…

Looking around for ideas back in the day I was not cool with the number of “sexy costumes”. Sexy Smurf? What? No. So if you’re looking for an easy costume that’s cute or fun or clever (but not overly sexy) because you’re an adult who enjoys dressing up for Halloween, like I kind of do, now… or if you’re an adult that is told that you HAVE TO dress up for Halloween despite your strong desire not to, here are a whole mess of costumes that are fairly easy to make and perfect for adults.

This post originally published on 10/24/2018 has been updated on 10/20/22 – links go bad, new awesome adult costumes hit the internet, and sometimes things just need a little refresh!

And here’s one little animated GIF because it always makes me smile :)
Whether you're dressing up for a Halloween party, to haunt the streets during Trick or Treat, or as a requirement for work, you're going to just LOVE these amazing and easy Halloween costumes for adults!

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