Father’s Day Crate Project

June 16, 2015Allison Murray
Surprise Dad with a crate to store his stuff!

Surprise Dad with a crate to store his stuff!

I’ve been working on the go a lot and it has been fantastic! I even did a craft tutorial beginning to end on the floor of a hotel room in San Antonio, TX. It was fabulous! This particular project for Dad’s Day over at Mom Spark I completed on my parent’s driveway. I’ve become a crafty nomad and I have to tell you I like it!

What’s more is I got to have the fantastic company of 2 very lovely dogs to assist me as my cat craft assistants were at home in Oklahoma. Ruby, my parents’ Boston, was particularly interested. Ollie on the other hand couldn’t give a fig.

Surprise Dad with a crate to store his stuff!

Everything you need for this project you can get at Walmart making this not only quick but also convenient! Raid Dad’s stash of wood stain (or your own!) and meet me over at Mom Spark for the full tutorial!


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