How to make a watch box

November 9, 2016Ama Buffin


I don’t know if you are like me, but when it comes to find craft ideas for men, my mind stay blank! So when my husband ask me if it was possible to find some kind of storage for his watches, I immediately thought it would be a great DIY project to make! As we are close to Christmas, it can also be a great homemade gift if you have watch lover among your relatives.


You will need: a wooden box (more or less 11 x 9 x 3 in), a nice and thick paper (I used skivertex), fabric, cardboard, glue, needle and thread, a ruler, a cutter and a pair of scissors


First cut cardboard 4 pieces to divided the inside of the box, and create a case for every watch. If you use the same box dimension as me, you will be able to store 9 watches in it. Take the inner dimensions of the box. Cut two pieces of cardboard by width x height, and two other pieces by length x height. In each piece cut out two slits, until half high of the cardboard piece, and at the same distance form each other.


Fit the pieces together to make a grid and check as it fit into the box.


Take the cardboard pieces out and cover them with paper. Don’t forget to cut the slit in the paper also.


Before putting back your cardboard divisions, you will also have to cover the inner box with paper. On the paper back, draw a rectangle with the same dimension as the box bottom, on each edge draw a rectangle following the sides dimension. On two of the sides rectangles you will add little flaps to have a nice finish on each corner of the box when you glue the paper. Cut out the shape following your drawing.


Start by gluing the paper on the bottom of the box, follow by the sides with flaps and finish by gluing the last two simple sides. I work with a fake leather paper, but you can choose any design you like.


You can also cut a rectangle of paper and glue it on the inside of the cover. It will give your box a nicer finish.


Place the cardboard watch case grid into the box, and glue it.


You will store the watches attaching them around small cushions. The cushion dimension need to be bigger than the watch case. As example every watch case in my project is 3 x 2 1/2 inches. I cut two fabric rectangles of 4 x 5 inches to make a cushion. Place the 2 fabric rectangle wrong side on wrong side, sew 3 sides together, then turn the right side out. Fill the cushion with foam and make a few hand stitches to close the open side. Repeat to make 9 cushions.


Place each watch around a cushion and put them in the box. And done! Enjoy your nice and practical watch storage. If you want to make more boxes, you can have a look at those upcycled shoe boxes!


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  • Alisha

    July 27, 2017 at 8:11 AM

    Love this idea! Thanks for the share.

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