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Lots of dads are dorky. Some just a little bit and some a lot. From my experience speaking with fathers with children at home, they almost all seem to dig Legos. Like a lot. I don’t know if being around them while their kids play with them makes them nostalgic, or what – but Lego doesn’t make $399 Death Star sets for no reason.

So – this is an easy project for you or the kiddos to make a kitschy pair of cufflinks for Pop. He doesn’t even really need to be a dork for this either!

You will need: blank cuff links (can purchase at Etsy or Ebay – search “cuff link blanks”), two Legos (I used the four dot thin ones), spray paint (optional), glue

STEP 1: If you’re going to spray paint your Legos, do it now. I sprayed mine silver, to go dressy, and covered with a fine coat of spray polyurethane in satin. Allow to dry.

STEP 2: Glue the Lego to the cuff links. That’s it!

You can also glue on just about anything you can think of, or something that would mean a lot to dear old dad. Happy, happy Monday y’all!