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If you missed today’s earlier post for a super cute Mod Podge and Gift Wrap Lamp at Mom Spark, check it out!

Moving on… This was the very first little Mod Podge project I worked on when the challenge came to mind. The project was super cheap because I already had everything I needed on hand. So basically this was a freebie!

These fancy little outlet plates have taken up residence in my bathroom and while the effect is subtle, it’s still noticeable and has only gotten compliments so far.

Mod Podge Outlet Plates Tutorial

For this project you will need:

Mod Podge Outlet Plates Tutorial

First cut shapes that are a bit bigger than your outlet plates out of your decorative paper.

Mod Podge Outlet Plates Tutorial

Slather Mod Podge, original, on the front side and edges of your outlet cover. Smooth the paper on and hold the edges against your tabletop to help the paper adhere.

Mod Podge Outlet Plates Tutorial

Put a small amount of Mod Podge on the inside of the cover and use paper clips to hold firmly. Move onto your other plates at this point to allow this edge to dry a bit.

Repeat the process with all of your plates. When one edge is dried well enough, work on the next until you have all edges nice and covered. If you don’t glob the Mod Podge on these babies should dry pretty quickly.

Mod Podge Outlet Plates Tutorial

When dry, use your knife to cut an “X” shape in the cover’s openings.

Mod Podge Outlet Plates Tutorial

Fold the paper in onto the backside of the cover and Mod Podge down.

Mod Podge Outlet Plates Tutorial

Give a decent coat of Mod Podge Hardcoat to the front sides of each cover.

Mod Podge Outlet Plates Tutorial

Place somewhere to dry fully. I used my handy dandy drying rack to ensure they were fuzz free from my well intentioned but invasive kitty assistants.

Mod Podge Outlet Plates TutorialWhen dry go back over with another decent coat and allow to dry again.

Each coat you give the plates will help protect the paper underneath and make them easier to clean overall.

These suckers are in my bathroom where they have to be cleaned daily. To be safe I went ahead and went with 3 decent coats and so far they’ve been perfectly great.

To install use your knife to poke a hole where the screws go and reattach to the wall.

On one of my outlets that was not installed with the home but done by a previous owner the newly covered outlet didn’t sit just right. If you find this is a problem for you take your knife and shave the paper off of the backside of the cover.

I only had this happen a single time but just in case you run into the issue, I’d like for you to know how to fix it!

Well that’s project #2 of Mod Podge Week! Come back tomorrow for #3!