Mod Podge WEEK! & a Mod Podge Lamp at Mom Spark!

May 25, 2013Allison Murray

Mod Podge WEEK! & a Mod Podge Lamp at Mom Spark!

At some point I realized how many formulas of Mod Podge I have and how little I use them. So I challenged myself to come up with an entire week’s worth of tutorials with one common element. That’s right, Mod Podge!

At first I kept having the same project with variations running through my head which was frustrating and not exactly the purpose of this whole little experiment. So I brought out all sorts of paper and lace and my different Mod Podge formulas and let myself just create without a pre-planned agenda.

So how did it work out? I think pretty well.
Mod Podge WEEK! & a Mod Podge Lamp at Mom Spark!
Today’s Mod Podge project is this super nifty Mod Podge lamp that I shared over at Mom Spark last week. It was my first time using the squeegee from the Mod Podge tool kit I purchased just for this challenge. And let me tell you one thing right here, right now. Those little tools are worth the money. Seriously. Don’t be a tightwad like me and refuse to purchase them because they are crazy handy for getting out bubbles and wrinkles. When I first got to town with that little squeegee I was instantly kicking myself!


But you can read all about that at Mom Spark – Mod Podge & Gift Wrap Lamp Tutorial


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