Tie Dyed Lattice Swim Cover

August 8, 2015Allison Murray
Tie Dyed and Beaded Lattice Tank

Tie Dyed and Beaded Lattice Tank

I mentioned it the other day that I haven’t had a whole lot of photos taken of me in recent years. Some time ago I mentioned that if something happened to me the boys wouldn’t have anything to remember what I looked like. It occurred to me when I realized that I sometimes look at pictures of my Poppa who has passed knowing that in my memory the smile isn’t quite right or maybe I remember more than one strand of hair wrapped around his head like turban when there was, in fact, only the one. (just kidding :) In response I was told something along the lines of, “I don’t think anybody cares that much”. And so it went I had very, very few photos taken of me and with a harsh statement in the mix I have become stupid camera shy.

Tie Dyed and Beaded Lattice Tank

But my Mr. Rob thinks I am fabulous and that I should have my photo taken. It’s kind of nice. In spite of the fact that I am very body shy during a trip to the beach he took pictures of me in my swim suit cover up I made. The initial plan was to have this thing shown off by Lola my mannequin. Unfortunately she got left behind in Oklahoma so I was the next best thing.

My body is imperfect, my smile is lopsided and I health and medications have made permanent marks on my body that I’m not comfortable with but they are pretty much on display in this week’s post over at iLoveToCreate. Special thanks to my Sweet Rob for the pics and being kind and supportive of all things! And for taking me to eat tamales on the beach swim in the ocean. That’s pretty awesome too.

Check it out Tie Dye and Beaded Lattice Tank Swim Cover Up

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  • Mike

    August 8, 2015 at 11:19 AM

    Rob is right Allison. You look fabulous. :) I’m camera shy too. Once when I was in school, middle school I think it was, some boy walks up to me and says, “you look like a monkey!”. Just like that, he says it right to my face! Actually, he used more… “colorful” words to help emphasize that, but I think you know what I mean. It hurt me of course to hear such cruelty and harshness of this statement. But what was worse was that after he said it to me, I started to believe it. And for a long time after that, I refused to get in front of a camera. I believed myself to be ugly and thought, “no one’s going to care what I look like because I look like a monkey”. But it wasn’t until recently that I have gotten over my camera shyness (somewhat) and I allow myself to be photographed. Recently, one of my friends even told me that I photographed quite well. I thought maybe she was just pulling my leg at first. But I saw the sincerity in her expression. And after seeing that, I thought, “I do photograph well. I don’t care what anyone else says.” So now, I take more photographs of me. And my friend likes to take photos of me, even when I don’t realize that she’s doing it, hahaha! Gotta love those iPods!

    But you’re a beautiful person Allison. You have a good heart, you’re kind, polite, and very smart. I’ve followed your blog for several months now and I have to say that you have real talent when it comes to doing crafts. We could have sure used your help a few weeks ago when our library was having our annual comic convention (comic-con for short) and I was in charge of helping the kids make light saber sword crafts. Needless to say, I wasn’t very good at doing this, hahahaha! But I tried and I had fun in the process. :)

    But again, you’re a wonderful person Allison, no matter what your health complications may be. You are still awesome you. Never tell yourself anything different.

    P.S. Love that picture of the ocean! Never seen it with my own eyes before. Would love to see it someday. :)

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