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I don’t know about you, but I have THREE pairs of black flats that I never wear. They are all really plain and I got a really great deal on them. Every time, seeing that low, low price tag made me see the deal and not the fact that I already had a pair or two pairs sitting in my closet that haven’t been worn a single time. After all, black flats are a classic, right?

So, this week I decided to do something about it. While I have plenty of black and brown shoes, the ones I wear are bright and colorful! So – I took some bright teal lace and some fabric glue and made a pair of shoes that I love so much, that I have them on my hot little feet as I type this… :)

For this DIY you are going to need: a pair of plain shoes – they can be flats or pumps, the concept is basically the same, some lace in a color that you love, some fabric glue, some scissors and an x-acto knife.

Shoesday Tuesday - Fun & Lacy Flats Revamp!

STEP 1: If your shoes have been gracing the inside of your closet for some time, it may be necessary to give them a quick dust. You don’t want to be sticking cobwebs or something onto your cute new shoes! Next, take your fabric glue and make a big patch right on the middle of the toe of your shoe. Place your lace as you would like it and push down into the glue.

STEP 2: To make sure that we have our two shoes as similar to one another as possible, place them side by side. Repeat step one with the second shoe, trying to make sure that your lace placement is as close the the other as possible. Let both dry for a bit, or until they quit shifting around when you touch them.

STEP 3: Continue gluing down your lace with the glue. I would place a large dollop of glue and use an old small bristled paint brush to smooth it out and then push the lace down into it. This kept my hands fairly clean. The last thing you want is tacky fingers pulling up your lacy work!

Take care while you go to keep your seams looking nice. My lace had slightly scalloped edges, so I would place the scalloped portion into the curves on the other piece to keep the look uniform and avoid overlap.

STEP 4: Do one side of each shoe, going all the way to the heel. Be sure to have a bit of the lace loose and hanging over the edge of the shoe. Allow the one side to dry to where it isn’t slippy and then do the other side and go around the back of the heel.

I made my lace cross over my foot just past the toe. You can do the same (if you’re like me and HATE toe cleavage) or you can trim to have the original shape of the shoe. Your choice!

STEP 5: Fold over the lace and glue it down inside of the shoe to make a nice, seamless edge.

STEP 6: Go around the inside of your shoes and the bottom and tack down any lace that didn’t stick down the first go ’round. Allow to dry completely.

STEP 7: Using your scissors and x-acto knife, go around the edges of the sole of your shoe and the heel. Remove all excess lace, trying to keep your cuts as straight as possible.

Shoesday Tuesday - Fun & Lacy Flats Revamp!

That’s it… Your old lifeless shoes have been made into some new, fun lacy things that you’ll hopefully wear like crazy! I know that I will :) Happy Shoesday to you!

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  1. B. Juliana says:

    I love this look, but I do question IF the lace comes off ‘eventually’??? I tried this on a pair of boots, after the first wearing, the lace came apart in some areas. :-(

    1. Mine have stayed on for ages and ages. I’ve only recently gotten rid of them because the where the lace touches the skin around my foot is popping up and it’s scratchy and irritating. I think the amount of adhesive you apply will greatly vary the success of the project.

  2. I wish you had more pictures showing the sides & bottom.

    1. As soon as I posted this comment all the pictures popped up on my phone. Thanks for your prompt response to my suggestion

  3. Allison Murray says:

    Jill, if you have particularly sensitive skin it may very well bother you. If you're worried, you could always glue something soft just inside of the lip of the shoe, maybe some velvety ribbon?

  4. Does the lace on the inside of the shoe irritate or rub against your foot?

  5. Allison Murray says:

    You are quite welcome Bia.

  6. Bia Seitas says:

    I loved it so much! Thanks!

  7. Allison Murray says:

    No problem at all. Good luck :)

  8. Awesome :) Thanks so much Allison! I feel silly because I was actually looking at Wal-Mart, but in the rolls. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction haha. I have the perfect old shoes to try this with, and can't wait to get started. Thanks again!!

  9. Allison Murray says:

    Hey, Megan… I actually got my lace at Wal-mart. It was in a package like you find bias tape or quilt bindings rather than a roll. Good luck!

  10. I love this! So cute and creative. I'm wondering, where did you find lace like that?

  11. Lauren Cioffi says:

    Hey there! I loved this idea and your blog so I posted it on mine, Cookies with Cronkite. This DIY is featured in my TOP TEN PICKS ON CRAFTGAWKER post. I provided a link to your post and blog as well! Hope you don't mind! Click the link if you want to see what other ideas made the post!!

  12. Allison Murray says:

    Thanks Lauren! So proud to have made the top ten! :)

  13. Allison Murray says:

    Thanks so much Karen! Glad that you like the project. Let me know if you make some of your own. I'd love to see them!