Free Silhouette cut file or JPG image!
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Right now my Momma has a major thing for owls. Like BIG time to the point that anytime I see anything owl anywhere I’ll think of her. Which is interesting because every time she sees one she thinks of my Poppa who passed away a year and a half ago. I know that since she loves them so much, she’d definitely love a Christmas shirt with them on there! And what’s cuter than “Owl be Home for Christmas”?

This was kind of an impromptu project with a run into town to find the supplies. I could not find a red sweatshirt to save my life. So I purchased gray thinking I’d just use red or green iron on vinyl on top of it. Perfect!

But then when I got to the craft store they had pink glitter or black. Period. And it was Cricut brand instead of Silhouette. I grabbed the black Cricut iron on vinyl and got home and knocked it out. Now, I really do wish that I had a better color scheme going here, but I still love the results.

Christmas owl freebie JPG
Click the pic to download a high resolution JPG of this cute owl. Free for use in personal projects!

This was my first endeavor into iron on vinyl and I am so excited about it that I actually ordered 30 square feet of white and black vinyl on Black Friday. So prepare for lots of free cut files in the coming months!

For this project you will need:

Free Silhouette cut file or JPG image!

To work on the vinyl, the image and text needs to be flipped when cut, FYI. Run through your Silhouette and weed the extra vinyl out. What you’ll be left with is the decal and the clear plastic sheet it is stuck to on the front.


Now you should technically heat up the fabric underneath prior to placing your decal to iron down, but it took me a good 10 tries to get this centered and looking good so I didn’t do that for fear it would be stuck in the wrong position. It worked without preheating the fabric, but do what you think is best…


Take a piece of cloth and place over the clear plastic and place your iron down and allow to sit for about 30 seconds. Pick up and move the iron, don’t move it around like you’re trying to get wrinkles out of pants or you might move mess it up! Be sure to go over every bit that needs to be ironed down.


When cool, slowly peel away the clear sheet. If the vinyl sticks and isn’t secured to the fabric below, hit it with the iron for about 20 seconds and try again. Repeat as necessary to get all of the vinyl down.


And there she is! I’m sure my Momma is just going to love it whether it’s gray and black or traditional Christmas colors! Will you be knocking out some owl-y Christmas tees and sweatshirts with this Silhouette cut out file freebie? I’d LOVE to see them!


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  1. Loove owls these days too! Especially for the kids! This is gorgeous but we’ll have to wait til at least January before we can print it ;( Our laptop is in the shop (very expensive to fix) & fyi the file wont dowliad via “Safari” web browser. But We look forward to printing this on a new shirt in the new year ;) Yay and thank you!

    1. Well, I hope your computer gets well, soon! And I’ll look into the Safari problem. Thanks so much for the heads up!