How to make a paper fall wreath

September 14, 2016Ama Ryllis


Let’s celebrate the beginning of the fall with a nice paper craft. I like to welcome my visitors by giving a little twist to the front door. As we still have a few weeks before Halloween, I thought that a cute leaves wreath will be a perfect door decor.

It’s quite simple to make and you only need a few materials: some colored paper sheets, a wooden embroidery loop, a pencil, a glue stick, a glue gun, a ribbon and some wire.


In a piece of cardboard, make yourself two leaves shape. One smaller that the other, mine are about 2 1/2 and 3 inches long. Report the shapes on the paper. You will need the same amount of small and big leave. I made 25 pieces of each size.


Cut out all your 50 leaves. You can choose any paper color you like. I picked brown, yellow and orange…fall shades.


Glue the small leaves on top of the big ones. Make a fold in the middle and draw a few lines with a sharpie to enhance the leaf look.


Cut the wire and use your glue gun to fix the leaves on it. Alternate the long wire (10 inches) where you glue two leaves, and shorter wire (7 inches) where you will fix only one leaf.


Take off the inner loop and wrap the wire around the outer loop. Alternate two leaves wire with one leaf. Fix all your leaves around the loop, trying to let the same space between each. You can easily slide the wire if you need to.


Once you are satisfied with the position of the leaves, put the inner loop back in place. It will hide the wire wrap and your wreath will look nicer. Attach a ribbon on top to be able to hang the wreath. Finish by attaching the two last leaves to hide the knot. And done, your pretty fall wreath is ready to hang on your front door.




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