How to make an easy candle votive for Valentine’s day

January 22, 2017Ama Ryllis

Did you already made plans for Valentine’s day? One of the classic way to add a romantic touch to your house or to make a pretty table for a special dinner is putting some candles around. Today I will show you how you can turn some simple glasses into lovely candles votive. The tutorial detail every steps, but this craft takes literally 5 minutes to make!

Material you will need to make the heart candle votive: Colored sheets, small glasses, tea candles o LED candles, a pencil, a pair of scissors and some glue.

Place the glass on the paper, the bottom next to the paper edge, and make a mark one inch further than the top of the glass. This will give you the high of your candle votive.

Fold the paper where you made the mark and cut the extra lenght.

Take the paper strip you will use to make the candle votive, make a small fold of 1/2 inch to create a flap. Then fold the paper in the middle.

Open the paper, at this point you have the flap and two rectangles with the same size. Make a second fold in the center of every rectangle.

This what your paper suppose to look at this point: a small flap and four identical rectangles.

Fold the paper in the middle again, right on the fold you already made. With the pencil draw in the center half of a heart shape.

Keep the paper folded and cut the half heart shape. Once you are done, open the fold and you will have the complete heart shape cut out!

Glue the flap with the opposite edge to make the final shape. Slide the glass into the paper shape, light a candle inside and ready! You can make several votives and place them next to each other to create different combinations.


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