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July 28, 2015Allison Murray
These galaxy painted sneakers are a fun DIY!

These galaxy painted sneakers are a fun DIY!

I have been so stupidly busy. Like, it’s totally insane. Right now I’m writing this sitting at my father’s desk with Marla in front of my keyboard cleaning herself and generally making a better door than a window. BUT I haven’t seen this furry little lady in  3 weeks so she can block my view all she wants. I have missed her so much!

You see after a full year I have FINALLY gotten my house on the market. It has been such a labor and I’m so ready for this whole part of life to be a finished chapter. I’m ready for the new and great beyond! Like, to infinity and beyond, beyond!

These galaxy painted sneakers are a fun DIY!

So I rocked out some galaxy sneakers in celebration of my recent successes and my future moving upwards and onwards! Head on over to Mom Spark to see the tutorial to make your own glitzy pair of space kicks! 


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  • Mike

    July 29, 2015 at 6:13 PM

    AWESOME Allison! So happy to hear that you finally got your house up on the market! Whoever the lucky person that gets it next I’m sure will not be disappointed. From the sounds of it as I’ve read from your blog, you’ve done a great job in its upkeep. :) I hope that someone buys it from you soon!!

    And cool shoes by the way! Love the theme! Besides being a math geek, I’m also a self proclaimed astronomer geek as well. :)
    Extraordinarily nebular! Infinity’s the limit, or unlimited in this case! ∞

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