DIY wire bracelet

January 1, 2016Ama Buffin

diy wire bracelet 1

Hello DALB readers, I’m so glad to be with you for the first tutorial of the year! I hope you spend a great time with your family and friends. I wish you a happy and crafty 2016! Let’s start right away with a cute wire heart bangle. It simple and fun to make, you will just need jewelry wire and pliers.

diy wire bangle 2Let’s start by making the bottom part of the heart. Cut a piece of wire about 10 in. long and fold it in the middle using pliers. Then made two more folds on each side to form a V.

diy wire bangle 3

For the second part of the heart shape, cut a second piece of wire, and again, fold it in the middle.

diy wire bangle 4

Grab a pencil and wrap the wire around to give it an half circle shape.

diy wire bangle 5

Make a second half circle on the other side of the fold.

diy wire bangle 6

Use the pliers to fold the sides to make the half heart shape. Your two bracelets are almost finished.

diy wire bangle 7

Last step, make loops to close the two bangles. Fold one end to make a little hook. With the other end make a loop. Use the pliers to fold the wire and wrap the end on it self to close the loop. Repeat the same process for the second bracelet.

diy wire bangle 10

And done, ready to wear your bracelets with a cute heart shape.

diy wire bangle 8

You can wear them together or you can make other shapes if you like too. What about two triangles to make a chevron?  If you like wire jewelry, you can also have a look at the fanions necklace I made a few weeks ago.

diy wire bangle 9

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