How to make a statement necklace with rope

May 9, 2016Ama Buffin

diy rope statement necklace 1

Looking for the perfect accessory to match your summer dresses? I’ve got an idea for your, make yourself a beautiful rope necklace. It’s simple to achieve and will enhance any outfit. You just need to pick a nice colored rope, some tube beads, two tube caps, and claps.

diy rope statement necklace 2

Cut a piece of rope of 3 ft. Pass two beads on the rope and fold it in the middle. Pass both end in a third beads.

diy rope statement necklace 3

Pass a bead in one end, then make a loop and pass the rope into the bead above. Repeat the same for the other side of the necklace. Slide a bead, make a loop and pass the rope into the upper bead.

diy rope statement necklace 4

Keep doing the same, once passing the rope in the upper bead, once in the below bead. Until you have 5 loops in the upper row. Try to make loops with the same dimensions.

diy rope statement necklace 5

Cut the extra rope lenght and glue a bead cap at each end. I left 6 in. of rope on each side, but I wlill suggest that you adjust the length of the necklace around your neck.

diy rope statement necklace 6

With pliers, put claps and ring to be able to close your necklace.

diy rope statement necklace 7

And done! Enjoy your new necklace! If you are short of idea for Mother’s Day, I think this necklace can make a great present unless you prefer a pasta necklace!

diy rope statement necklace 10

And a little confession to finish; this jewelry holder was actually a DIY cup stand, but I find it more useful to store  necklaces.

diy rope statement necklace 8

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