Technique to Make Chevron Friendship Bracelet
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I’ve got plans. Big plans. Big chevron friendship bracelet project plans. In order to be in on these you’ll need to know how to make a chevron friendship bracelet so I’m going to show you the basic knots and then how to go all chevron.

The thing is, I’m not a good live air personality sort of person. I’ve been on TV a few times.

  1. As a child I was interviewed about getting to meet an astronaut. All I could talk about was the astronaut ice cream he gave me and bounce from foot to foot.
  2. As an adult, I was stopped by an Ogle (Okies know what I’m talking about) on my way into the Post Office. I was sick and I was a mess and I was asked who my favorite president was and why. And if you’re wondering, I said Taft because he once got stuck in a bath tub.

Yeah, not rocking the public speaking thing, at all. When I’m not “on the spot” I will jabber your face off. But put a camera in front of me and I go full idiot. Not 50%, not 75%, but 100%. So why did I make a video? Because I tried to do a silent feature pictorial on THREE different occasions but it always came across to me as confusing.

Technique to Make Chevron Friendship Bracelet

Now, bracelets can be made in all sorts of fun color schemes. I prefer to use craft floss when making friendship bracelets. You can buy big packages like this in varying colors like pastels and tie dye. You can also use embroidery floss (which is made of 6 separate strands) or yarn for a big, thick bracelet.

First up, the basics for knots and whatnot:

And how to get your chevron on:

And just so you know, I am one of those mortified by the sound of my own voice kind of people. In my head my voice is very, very low. Very, very deep. In my head, I sound like a MAN. I was forever asking people if my voice was too deep in highschool. I never understood people’s faces until I joined the video club. Oh, okay. Not too deep at all, then. This in no way pertains to the post at hand, but my voice is an area that I am REALLY self conscious about so things come out kind of strangely when I’m on the spot. Say making a first video kind of spot. :)

Technique to Make Chevron Friendship Bracelet

This is how the chevron looks when you keep it up. If you need to watch the video a few times feel free to. Making friendship bracelets is one of those things that isn’t hard but can be kind of frustrating to learn, in my opinion. But, once you get it down, you get it down. I went a decade or more without making one and after thinking a bit, I was busting them out like it was sophomore year!

Technique to Make Chevron Friendship Bracelet

To finish your bracelets, after you’ve gotten the length you want tie a knot at the base. Divide up the threads and braid down a few inches. Tie knots to secure. Pull through your loop (as seen in the video) or make both ends with the braids and tie together.

Be sure to tune back in tomorrow because we’re going to use our new skills to kick out an awesome project!

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  1. I love this project for soooooooo many reasons. I love flipflops but I dread with an utter passion the blisters I will get between my toes from that hard plastic piece. hate it! I am planning on making a pair of these for just about everything this summer.

  2. KleverKathleen says:

    Great little tutorial! Thank YOU for taking the time to share your talent! Looking forward to exploring some of your other projects too. Your voice is great-no need to be self conscious. :)

  3. Thanks Allison,
    Great videos that are easy to follow. Love your kitty! Mine is “helping” right now too.

  4. your video is the EASIEST tutorial i have found on the internet to help me and my daughter make a chevron friendship bracelet. I like that you used yarn because it made it easier to see!!! Thank you!!

  5. Allison Murray says:

    Thanks, Mid. That one is my favorite, too. They're a lot of fun to make and you can have a new wardrobe full in just a few movies time!

  6. Oh, I remember how I made A LOT of them during summer church camps, when I was a kid…
    Sadly, so I think, there aren't any left of these bracelets. But this also means, I have a reason to start again making some of them!
    (The color-combo pink / orange / white / light blue is gorgeous!)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  7. Allison Murray says:

    Hey, inky – as far as I'm concerned there is never such a thing as too many exclamation points or smiley face emoticons. I am so, so glad that you're happy with the direction things have been going lately. Your kind comment gave me such a big smile and now I'm in a fantastic mood. Thanks SO much for taking the time!!! :) :) :)

  8. My favorite part was Marla's tail! I have tons of craft thread but never knew how to make friendship bracelets, now I do.
    Also, no one sounds like she does in her head ; I refuse to voice-page anyone at work because the sound of my voice makes me cringe. You, however, sound delightful ! Dream a Little Bigger has been crazy-good lately , one of my fave blogs ! (Too many !!!'s ?)

  9. Allison Murray says:

    Thanks so much, Laura! I truly appreciate your compliment. So, so self conscious! :)

  10. Allison, this post totally brings me back. I used to make those all the time as a kid, although I didn't call them 'chevron' :). Anyway, I am excited to see what you have up your sleeve. BTW, you sound perfectly natural in the video once you get going, great job.

  11. Allison Murray says:

    You know what, Pamela… when I clicked to respond to this comment my video started up and my first thought was "what in the heck is that?" Oh, it's me! We are sisters in the unhappy with our voice club. I think unless you're Scarlett Johansson you're probably a member!

  12. Agreed! I hate hearing my voice on camera or on any kind of recording. When I'm taking videos of my daughter, I feel like it's completely ruined if I speak!!