• 30+ Clay Projects Perfect for Anytime

    August 5, 2018 admin

    No matter your skill level you’ll love these colorful and amazing clay crafts that use both air dry and polymer clays to perfection! Clay is one of those craft supplies that I have a lot of, really enjoy working with and, yet, don’t. There’s something about clay I find very intimidating but seeing all of…

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  • DIY Less Mess Incense Burner

    March 14, 2018 admin

    Quickly and easily make this DIY incense burner that catches the mess and can easily be made to hide it away for later clean up, too! I love the springtime because it means I can start planting flowers again! Last summer I built some planters in front of the house and filled them up and…

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  • How to make feather pendant with polymer clay

    April 9, 2017 highwaykittycat

    I like to change jewelry everyday, it’s a fun way to complete any outfit! For spring and summer time it’s always nice to wear a touch of color. I already made a few jewellery items using polymer clay. I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite material to work with because you can…

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  • Concrete Hand Phone Stand

    September 8, 2016 admin

    So I go through these times where I get absolutely obsessed with my phone. Last year I was constantly texting Rob since we lived a 2 day drive apart. And then there are times when I find games that I become crazy about and they really suck you in with these messages that pop up…

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  • Concrete Yard Word Art

    July 19, 2016 admin

    So I had this big idea that I was going to start making lots of stuff of all sort of colors to go into my Momma’s backyard. You see she loves color. My dad, well, not so much, but he just wants my mom to be happy. So I made her a dragonfly out of…

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  • How to Make Fake Sprinkles from Polymer Clay

    April 2, 2016 admin

    I was noticing that just about everything I’ve been sharing lately is white and brown. Well, for the last few days at least… There was beef jerky, definitely brown. And then I turned an IKEA Rast into a Mid-Century modern inspired dream of a nightstand. And then there was a paper towel holder with a…

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  • DIY fruits keychain

    September 17, 2015 highwaykittycat

    I’ve got keys all over, for the house, the car, my in-law’s house, padlocks keys…and some I don’t even remember whereof. So having some extra keychain, was a necessity! What better than make it fun and add a little color to the daily routine. To make a fruit keychain, you will need: polimer clay Key…

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  • DIY Pastel and Gold Leaf Bangles

    August 4, 2015 admin

    I have decided that I really, really dislike antique stores. It seems to me that they go to the same places I do and buy the same things for next to nothing and mark them up like crazy. I once got a really old meat grinder at a garage sale for $20. Found it online for…

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  • How to Sand Resin to be Smooth

    June 7, 2015 admin

    Once I get into something I totally get into it. I’ve been whipping up bangles with resin left and right. I figure soon enough I’ll start to play around with other ways of using resin but right now I’m quite content with a bazillion unique bangles! Just think about it. The possibilities are endless with…

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