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There are three ways that I can think of to go with Halloween decor. There is the bloody, gory gross way which is totally not my style. There is the dark and macabre style which I like and employ. Lastly, there is the cute, glitzy glam type of decor that I also dig. This tutorial is all about the glitzy glam!

I am terribly afraid of spiders. Terribly. Living in an area that has a high population of spiders that cause your flesh to rot in a hole shape when they bite you is a big part of that reason. If you don’t have fiddlebacks (aka brown recluse) you should feel very, very lucky. They hide in things like shoes, bed covers and cabinets which means you run the risk of encountering one every single day. Yuck.

So, I decided to take my fear and cutesy it up! With glittery, shiny spiders and “eek” loudly proclaimed I think that this Halloween decoration makes light of my mild case of arachnophobia!


Want to make your own? It’s cheap and quick! You will need:

  • 18 inch straw wreath
  • foam core board or heavy duty cardboard & x-acto knife
  • FREE eek printable
  • black spray paint
  • white yarn
  • glitter and Mod Podge -OR- Krylon Glitter Blast Spray
  • hot glue gun
  • large toy spiders (got mine 2/$1 at Dollar General)
  • little spider plastic rings
  • spray polyurethane

First take your wreath and give it a heavy coat of black spray paint. Make sure that you cover everything well. After it dries rough it up a bit by running your hands around the wreath with some pressure. This will make the straw color underneath visible in places.


Next glitter up your spiders. I purchased Krylon Glitter Blast in fuchsia and I loved how it turned out. Unfortunately after I quit spraying the can broke and sticky clear stuff went everywhere but I’m pretty sure I got a defective can. The fact is, this is the easiest way I have found to glitter. I went out on a limb and decided to give it a go and I have to tell you. It was fast, easy and really glittery!


Make slits in a piece of cardboard and push the rings into them. This will hold them down to glitter them. My glitter spray had already broken at this point so I used spray adhesive and glitter followed by a heavy coat of spray polyurethane.


Take your free printable and piece it together (there are three pages) using tape. Place your pattern on top of your foam core board or cardboard. Tape the template down and use your x-acto knife and trace the lines around “eek”. Try to push fairly hard.


Remove the template and continue cutting on the shallow lines made from your first pass. Continue making shallow cuts until you have freed the word.


Next glitter up your “eek”! I used neon green sparkles and mod podge. To use this method brush on a moderate amount of decoupage directly onto the letter. Shake your glitter on top. Continue this in small portions until the entire word is covered.

If you dust with glitter over a box or tote you can return the excess to your glitter jar for minimal waste!


Now you’re going to make your web inside using white yarn. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel and I stumbled upon an amazing DIY by Dana over at Made. It is the DIY I followed to make my, I must say, spectacular web inside of the wreath!

To attach your first strings of the web, use a dollop of hot glue under the yarn on the wreath. After set, put another dollop on top to hold each string firmly in place.


Next, hot glue on your eek. Play around with the placement to see what you like best. You can center it or place it at the bottom on an angle like I did.


Lastly, glue on your big spiders. Then cut off the ring portion on the little spiders and glue them around the entire wreath.

Glittery EEK Wreath (DIY) - Dream a Little Bigger

And that is that! You have a very easy, very inexpensive and cute wreath to adorn your front door this Halloween! The total cost for me was $1 for big spiders, $1 for small spiders, $5 for wreath, $4.20 for glitter spray (with coupon) for a total of $11.20 since I had everything else on hand! That’s a big impact for little buckaroos if you ask me! Happy Thursday!

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