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diy plywood geometric planter first pic

Today I propose you a very versatile tutorial. I will show you how to make plywood containers, you can use them as a pencil holder, small storage or even as a pot plant.

diy plywood planter 1

You gonna need 3mm plywood, small cable ties, utility knife, scissors, drill and sand paper.

diy plywood geometric planter 2

Draws equilateral triangles (three sides of equal size) on the wood. And cut them with a utility knife or a jigsaw.

Makes holes on every corner of every triangle. Be sure they are big enough to pass the cable tie in it. Sand the pieces to smooth the edges. I will show you two differents ways to make a container, one with a triangle base and other with a square base.

diy plywood geometric planter triangle
For the triangle one, you need 7 plywood triangles. Attach 6 to each other in a row with cable ties. Then fix it with the base. You can use pliers to tighten up the ties. When you are done, cut the extra cable tie length.

diy plywood geometric planter square

For the square base, you need 8 triangles and a square (triangle and square sides must have the same dimension). With cable ties, attach 8 triangles together in a row. Them fix the row with the square base. Tighten up the ties, and cut extra length.

diy plywood geometric storage 2

And that’s it! You can use them as pencil holder or small storage.

diy plywood geometric planter paint

If you want, you can paint or varnish them. I just used tape and acrylic paint.

diy plywood geometric planter 9

To use them as planter, place a plastic sheet inside before you put the plant in it. I hope you enjoy it!