Easter Bunnies for all spaces and occasions

March 19, 2015Elena

Hello peeps!

The year is going by so quick! Only a few more days until it’s Easter… Crazy, right? For me this comes a little bit unexpected (I know…), so I definitely meed some last minute decoration! If you need some as well, you can find some inspiration here today: Easter bunnies for all spaces at your home and all occasions!


(Please remember to pin the individual projects from their original sites!)

Have you already thought about what you’ll eat at Easter? I vote for a Coconut Bunny Cake!

Easter Bunny-1

Although this recipe isn’t in English (it’s Bulgarian), but thankfully there’s google translate and even if that won’t work, you could sure create these Saffron Easter bunnies with a different dough.
(In my opinion the dough looks & the recipe sounds like Swedish Lussekatter for which you can find a recipe here on my blog.)

Easter Bunny-2

Oh, and if you’re hosting a dinner or brunch, you should definitely fold you napkins as little bunnies!

Easter Bunny-3

And, please, have a table runner like this one! And then invite me please. I will sit at you table and pet the little tails all day… :)

Easter Bunny-4

There isn’t a tutorial for these Bunny Ears Gift Bags either, but maybe oen can figure it out? They are definitely too cute to pass!

Easter Bunny-5

A different way of gift bags are these sweet origami bunnies!

Easter Bunny-6

I showed this type of craft already before here, but I don’t think I showed you how bunnies (and carrots) look when made from paper strips

Easter Bunny-7

Some PomPom Bunnies will look cute as decoration, don’t you think?

Easter Bunny-8

Okay, I now have to start crafting endless bunnies, so see you next time!

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  • Shonah

    March 23, 2015 at 10:29 AM

    Love the bunny biscuit!

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