How to make pompons book mark

February 18, 2016Ama Buffin

how to make pompon book mark 1

It’s maybe a little old fashion, but I like reading in books…a kindle is ok but i prefer paper books. I have the bad habit to fold the page corner as book mark. It’s ok when is a pocket book, but I don’t like to do it when it’s an original edition or if it is a borrowed book. So instead of spending time looking for a small paper piece to use as a book mark, let’s just make some pretty ones. It’s the perfect project to use your yarn scraps.

You will need different yarn colors, cardboard, a fork and scissors.

how to make pompon book mark 2

Let’s start by making the tassel, cut a small square of cardboard (3 x 3 inches) and wrap some yarn around.

how to make pompon book mark 3

Cut a 20 inches piece of yarn and make a knot on the top to hold all the yarns together and cut the bottom part. Don’t trim the yarn, you will use it to attach the pompons and the tassel together.

how to make pompon book mark 4

The easy and fast way to make small pompons in using a fork. So just wrap the yarn around the fork tines. You can use one color or several to make fun colored pompons.

how to make pompon book mark 5

Make a knot with an extra piece of yarn to attach all the wrapped yarn in the center.

how to make pompon book mark 6

Slide the pompoms out of the fork and cut all the yarns on both sides.

how to make pompon book mark 7

Give your pompon a “haircut” to have a nice round shape. Make a second pompon the same way.

how to make pompon book mark 8

Now that both pompons and the tassel are ready, you just have to attach them to each other to complete the book mark. Use the tassel long yarn to fix one pompon on top of the tassel with a knot.

how to make pompon book mark 9

Leave around 10 inches distance and attach the second pom pom with the yarn. Trim the extra yarn length and done.

how to make pompon book mark 10

It’s easy and fun so you can make a few as small gifts for your family and friends. If you like tassels, you want to try this craft.

how to make pompon book mark 11

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