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A crafter desk is always a mess…well mine is! I have like 4 pair of scissors, utility knives and uncountable pencils and sharpies. All lying around as they don’t fit in the small pencil holder I have. So it was time to get things tidy with a nice and spacious desk organizer.

To make your cute mountains desk organizer, you will need: 5 mm plywood, wooden glue, acrylic paint, sanding paper, a jigsaw or a handsaw and clamps.

diy plywood desk organizer 2

Cut 5 rectangles in the plywood following the dimensions above. The three pieces on the left will be the mountains, the other two, the base (16×4 in.) and the pencil holder partitions.

diy plywood desk organizer 3

Use a pencil and a ruler to draw the mountains shapes on the plywood.

diy plywood desk organizer 4

With the jigsaw, cut out the three mountain shapes. You can also do it with a handsaw, it will just take a little more time. Cut the 16 x 2 in. rectangle into 6 pieces of 2 x 2.5 in. Sand all the pieces, insist on the edges to remove splinters.

diy plywood desk organizer 5

Paint some snow on the mountains tips. We use white and grey. If you want to give a try with other color, a light blue can be a nice option too.

diy plywood desk organizer 6

Start assembling your desk organizer, put some wooden glue on the bottom edge of the bigger mountains and glue the base (16 x 4 in. rectangle) on it. Use clamps to hold the pieces together until the glue dries.

diy plywood desk organizer 7

Glue the 6 vertical partitions and the medium mountains shape. Put glue on every edge of every wood piece and hold with clamps until it dries.

diy plywood desk organizer 8

Almost finish, you just have to glue the last mountain shape on the front, and done! Arrange all your office and craft supplies in your new desk organizer. If you are not a messy crafter, and the only things you need on your desk is a pen and a pencil, you may like this minimal desk organizer.

diy plywood desk organizer 10

diy plywood desk organizer 9

diy plywood desk organizer 1

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  1. Ahhhh! You truly are the coolest! I HAVE to make this. It goes perfectly with my new room decor :) You are genius girl. I wish I was as creative as you :) Thanks for this great tutorial. Luckily Home Depot is right down the road ;) -xoxo

    1. This tutorial is by the fabulous Ama and we BOTH appreciate the compliment! Be sure to check out her site OhOh Blog <--- It's crazy fabulous :)