DIY leather plant hanger

March 25, 2016Ama Buffin

diy leather plant hanger 9

The coming of spring makes me want gardening. I keep working in the backyard, but I also want to take care of the house plants. I get some new planters, and I wanted a plant hanger for a little mint plant. So I came up with an easy idea, adaptable at different plant pot sizes.

diy leather plant hanger 2

You will need a piece of leather (or faux leather), a plastic pot, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a ruler, some rope and a glue gun. I found the planter at Home Depot for 2 dollars.

diy leather plant hanger 3

Report the planter bottom circle shape on the back of the leather piece. Trace two perpendicular lines intersecting on the circle center. Measure the height of your planter. Report this dimension on each line, starting from the circle mark.

diy leather plant hanger 4


Draw a cross shape. Each end of the cross must measure about 1 1/2 in.

diy leather plant hanger 5.

Cut your shape and leave a little extra leather at each arm of the cross.

diy leather plant hanger 6

Put a little glue on the edge and fold following your mark. Don’t glue it completely, you need to slip a rope in the folds.

diy leather plant hanger 7

Glue the planter on the center of your shape.

diy leather plant hanger 8

Cut four piece of rope and slide them onto the folds. Gather them above the planter and make a knot.

diy leather plant hanger 11

Hang it and put a nice plant in it. Done! It’s quite easy to make so you can make several and build yourself a small hanging garden. If you’re a fan of house plants, you can take a look HERE to see how to recycle a plastic bottle into a nice planter.

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