These geometric shelves are so easy and made for less than $15 for 3!
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Our master bedroom is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in this house. The rest of the house is kind of sparse right now for one good reason. House training. Miss Carly a.k.a. Carly the Gordita a.k.a. Carlita a.k.a. Pee Pot Pee Pot Carly (stolen from my mother’s nickname for our old pooch Willie) does not want to pee outside. Because of Little Miss we have very few decorative items on the floor like floor lamps and rugs and any number of things I use to decorate the house with. Our sparse decor all starts with getting our new puppy…

Things seemed to go well at first but here lately we’ve been experiencing some potty training issues. Like kind of bad issues. When we first got Carly we were given the word when we picked her up that she hadn’t begun house training. She was already about 10 weeks so we were a bit surprised. When we got her home girl had NO clue that she should pee outside. In fact, she’d hold it in and pee right inside of the door of the house despite me and Rob saying “Go pee, Carly!” over and over again while tromping around in the backyard with her!

And then Miss Thing got a bladder infection and all holy heck broke loose. She started peeing in her sleep and on EVERYTHING. Our 4 month old sofa has a huge bleached spot where her urine somehow took the color out of the couch cushion on the bottom and back in the middle seat. Cleaning THAT up was fun. We wound up buying a special mattress protector just for urine because she’d pee in the bed in her sleep and then began waking up and squatting right in the middle of the bed, move to a dry spot and go back to sleep. The whole thing was INFURIATING and FRUSTRATING and we didn’t know what to do. We considered crate training her but we didn’t have the crate and we figured as soon as we spent the money on one I’d feel guilty and let her out and then we just wasted good money for no good reason.

And then, one day little miss hops up on the bedroom sofa, looks at me and squats and pees. I take this as a cry for help and I FREAK OUT and call the vet. I am told that we need to “catch her pee” in a tupperware container and bring it up to the animal hospital. You see we’ve been to the vet A LOT. Marla and Ollie are allergic to something here and it’s giving them fits. And then Ollie was bitten by something, maybe a snake, and he was flopping over having lost the ability to walk because of it. EXPENSIVE. So to save us the dough, and since they saw her the week before for her last round of puppy shots they offered to avoid the vet visit charge by us bringing her pee up for them to test.

I don’t know how Rob did it but he must be the pee whisperer or something. He goes out with her and comes back like, what do I do with this now? I’m stunned. I was out there for at least an hour in the morning before I was all “screw it, we’re going to have to pay for an office visit!” I call and they want to test it right away so we pack up the dogs and head north. Now, we didn’t need to take the dogs but they get SO EXCITED about rides so I was all, throw ’em in and let’s go.

Rob runs into the vet with Carly and her pee just because we have her along and he might as well. Ollie and I are hanging in the air conditioned car when Rob comes back without our girl and I start to FREAK OUT. They’re running tests for kidney problems he tells me. There’s nothing at all wrong with her urine except that it is testing almost like water it’s so thinned out and that can point to bad kidneys. He goes back in and I’m worrying my hands and decide to bring Ollie in to wait because I hate being so far removed from the action.

And then a lab pup gets walked in and Ollie wigs clean out. He’s barking and whining and excited and I won’t let him over there because he doesn’t like strange men and a strange man is holding on to puppy’s leash. Rob takes him out to the car to wait and apologizes profusely while Carly decides she’s the new local badass and starts to flip the flip out! I go back to the car with her and send Rob in to await our results. We’re both nervous and upset and the comment that I made before we left “Carly I don’t care if it costs $10,000 we’re going to make you right, babycakes” starts to sound like a possibility. Crap. I jinxed us all.

Rob comes out and says “Her kidneys are fine. She’s just an asshole.” I’m all, what? And he was like “she’s anger peeing or something because there is literally nothing wrong with her.” They took pity on us and only charged us for the test results but I thought it was funny that Rob paid $60 to find out that our dog is a jerk. She was literally diagnosed as an a-hole. Ha!

SO! Long story short we’re keeping decorative items to the walls where, so far, Carly hasn’t figured out how to soil. Although I must say that the blacklight pee finder Rob got taught me some terrifying things about just how well you need to scrub down walls in a rented house. Freaking EW.

And back to the bedroom we’re adding all sorts of decorative accents to the wall that our bed sits on. I’ve gotten the dresser area knocked out and looking fabulous so we made some DIY geometric shelves that I’m sharing over at iLoveToCreate in a totally beginner level how to.

These geometric shelves are so easy and made for less than $15 for 3!

And the best news of all just might be the fact that this project is CHEAP. We spent less than $15 in materials to make 3 nicely sized frames. Another great thing is you don’t need anything crazy fancy to make these. You can literally get away with this with a staple gun and a mitre box with a saw. How nifty is that?!?

These geometric shelves are so easy and made for less than $15 for 3!

Now it took a lot of mathin’ to figure this out and a bit of extra brain power that I didn’t even realize I had – ha! Seriously angles just aren’t my thing :) But look at those amazing triangles. I’m one proud geometric maker right now.

These geometric shelves are so easy and made for less than $15 for 3!

And all finished up. Just stahp! Look at how gorgeous they’re making our room!  I swear every time I’ve started to walk into the room I spy the things Rob and I have made together or selected for our home together and I get the goofiest grin on my face. It’s all coming together! Yay!

See how to make your own geometric triangle shelves over at iLoveToCreate!

These geometric shelves are so easy and made for less than $15 for 3!

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