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August 15, 2019Allison Murray
These fun kid crafts and back to school crafts are the perfect kid projects to get ready for the new school year! DIY in style for back to school cool!

These fun kid crafts and back to school crafts are the perfect kid projects to get ready for the new school year!

These fun kid crafts and back to school crafts are the perfect kid projects to get ready for the new school year! DIY in style for back to school cool!

Today the kiddos I know are back in school and I’m hoping it’s going to be a great one. My oldest is actually a freshman in high school and I’m hoping he loves the next 4 years of his life as much as I loved mine. While the boys were with me this summer we dreamed up a lot of neat ideas for back to school projects but with summer being summer, never really got to making any of them.

Luckily my fellow bloggers have been crazy busy this summer and today I’m pleased to share with you over 20 amazing back to school projects.

Please be kind and click through to the original maker’s websites to pin the images in this post. It’s the best possible way to thank them for all of their hard work!


First Day of Back to School Sign Free Printable Craft

First Day of School Free Printable by Happiness is Homemade

Whether your kid is in pre-kindergarten or a senior in high school, this free printable makes the cutest sign for that before school photo session! Grab the free files from Happiness is Homemade. And, as a suggestion from around here, to keep this project super budget-friendly, borrow a frame from around the house and put it back again once your pic is complete!

Learn how to cover textbooks with paper to cheaply protect them this school year.

How to Make Book Covers from Paper by Dream a Little Bigger

If your kids are anything like I was, no matter what grade your kids are in, they’re probably super tough on their textbooks. These DIY paper book covers will protect the book’s cover and give kids something to doodle on, too. They aren’t magic and won’t protect corners from busting in falls, but at least the covers will be nice and clean when they’re returned at the end of the semester!

How to make a rainbow of notebooks with tutorial by Poppytalk.

Back to School Rainbow Printable Notebooks by Poppytalk

Love rainbows or maybe just one very specific color? Either way, Poppytalk has you covered and can show you how to make back to school notecards in just about any hue with their free printable. And if you want to run off a few for your grocery list or as an address book, we won’t say a thing.

This banner is cute decor for any teacher, but they're sure to love the prize it holds inside because it's a gift card holder, too!

Teacher Gift Card Holder/Banner by Design Eat Repeat

What teacher wouldn’t love a gift card to the local office supply store or big box store? Or maybe you can keep your kid’s teacher caffeinated with a Starbucks card? But no matter what you put inside this adorable gift card holder slash banner, teach will be super happy to know you care.

This tote bag keeps it class-y for back to school. Too cute! SVG at Kingston Crafts.

Keepin’ it Class-y SVG File by Kingston Crafts

Sometimes a backpack just can’t hack it. If your little needs a little more room for books and school supplies, why not make an adorable tote bag for the excess? This fun SVG file from Kingston Crafts is sure to induce a few giggles on the school bus.

Adorable back to school kid craft pencil sloths by Handmade Charlotte.

Sweet Sloth Pencil Toppers by Handmade Charlotte

Sloths. Do you really need anything more? Get the tutorial to make these cute as all get-out pencil toppers using inexpensive felt over at the Handmade Charlotte blog.

Teacher gift tag free printable.

Teacher Survival Kit by Fun Loving Families

Teachers have one heck of a job educating and caring for our kiddos 9 months out of the year. Be sure to get off on the right foot with this adorable teacher survival kit with Fun Loving Families. Not only will your new teachers feel appreciated, they’ll also have a little bit of caring support and a reminder you appreciate them on their more stressful days!

Make an adorable first day of school photo frame to keep long after school starts with Lydi Out Loud.

Back to School Photo Frame by Lydi Out Loud

Just about every parent I have ever known loves having photos of their kids all over the house. I think this super adorable first day of school photo frame by Lydi Out Loud just might be your new favorite!

These fun kid crafts and back to school crafts are the perfect kid projects to get ready for the new school year! DIY in style for back to school cool!

Back to School Rainbow Printable Notebooks by Oriental Trading Fun 365

If you’re a teacher you this project is going to be the most adorable thing to hang on your classroom door. Utilize some inexpensive school supplies and make a school wreath to beat out all school wreaths. And, heck, if you find you need a pencil in a pinch, you’ll know where to find one :)

Composition Notebook Sneaker DIY tutorial and cut file available at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Composition Notebook Sneakers by A Pumpkin and a Princess

Many years ago I made some back to school kicks that I just adored! One shoe was a pencil and the other was a composition notebook. But now with HTV you can rock out some amazingly professional looking composition notebook sneakers in a fraction of the time! Snag the tutorial to get the coolest shoes in school by A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Fun rainbow paint scrape tote bag for back to school with tutorial by Club Crafted.

Rainbow Paint Scraped Tote Bag by Club Crafted

Have you ever played around with the paint scrape technique? It’s super fun and the results are super random but always pretty darn gorgeous. Get the details at Club Crafted to use the hottest paint technique right now and carry around those books in one adorable rainbow bag.

Cute and edible back to school brownies shaped like a notebook by Bright and Bubbly.

Back to School Notebook Brownies by Brite and Bubbly

The way to ANYBODY’s heart is their stomach as far as I can tell. Get on the good side of teachers and classmates alike with these adorable brownies. Learn how to make your own at Brite and Bubbly.

Harry Potter inspired craft, Mandrake Root back to school DIY by Tried and True.

Harry Potter Mandrake Paper Clip Holder by Tried and True

Calling all Harry Potter fans!!! Need someplace to stash your paper clips? Tried and True has the most adorable little potted mandrake craft that will make sure you always know where a clip is to keep those important class papers neatly together!

Easy craft, DIY crayon magnets by Damask Love.

DIY Crayon Magnets by Damask Love

Magnets are the easiest way to keep track of deadlines and memos and notes that need to be signed for school. Got a note? Kid smacks it on the fridge with a magnet. Want the fridge to be a cute and functional message space? Make some super adorable magnets that look just like crayons with Damask Love.

Fun free SVG file for this adorable my unicorn ate my homework notebook, (cute on a tee, too)!

A Unicorn Ate My Homework by A Girl and a Glue Gun

Nobody’s gonna believe a dog at the homework so why not shoot for the moon? :) With everything being either unicorn or mermaid, right now, I just know there’s gonna be a whole gaggle of kids that really really want you to grab this cut file by A Girl and a Glue Gun and craft them a notebook right now!

Looking for a cute first day of school shirt? Grab this FREE SVG file and you can make a graduation year shirt tee for every graduating class from 2020 to 2040!

Class of Graduation Year Free SVG File by Dream a Little Bigger

Whether your kiddo graduates this year or was just born, this graduation year set of cut files goes from 2020 to 2040 so you all of your littles (even the ones not yet conceived!) can have a custom DIY shirt for back to school pics. I mean, can you imagine a kid wearing the same shirt every school year? Totes adorbs.

Decorate for back to school with this giant pencil shaving banner by Handmade Charlotte.

Pencil Shaving Garland by Handmade Charlotte

Pencil shavings have such a fondness for me that it borders on super silly. I remember sitting at my desk in school and concentrating super hard while sharpening my pencil and trying to make the most perfect little shaving curlicue. Now you might not have such fond memories, but you have to admit, this garland of gigantic pencil shavings my Handmade Charlotte is just too darn cute, right?

This lunch bag features lemons and is a super simple DIY Project with fabric paint.

DIY Stenciled Canvas Lunch Bag by Purely Katie

Kids are always going to have to eat and from what I’ve seen of growing kiddos, it can be A LOT! Pack them up a healthy lunch in a crazy fun looking stenciled bag with this tutorial by Purely Katie. I promise this lemon-filled craft is nowhere near being a lemon!

Sew up some awesome zippered pencil case bags with Sew and So.

DIY Sewn Pencil Case by Sew and So

If you can sew you can customize absolutely anything and this DIY pencil case will be the envy of all your kid’s peers. Just take them to the fabric store and let them choose their favorite fabrics and bing, bang, boom with the tutorial at Sew and So you’re right on your way!

Make these adorably Kawaii elastic book bands with Handmade Charlotte.

Kawaii Rainbow Book Bands by Handmade Charlotte

If you’re like me you lose bookmarks like nobody’s business. Imagine looking around the floor trying to find your bookmark, unsure of where the heck you even were when it came out. THEN imagine having to find your place in the book. *sigh* right? With these elastic book bands from Handmade Charlotte losing your place will be a thing of the past!

Snag these free binder dividers by Sara Titus and keep your school things organized.

Free Printable Binder Dividers by Sarah Titus

If yours like pink and gold they’re in for a treat! Bling out their binder on the cheap with these free printables by Sarah Titus.

Free printable abc banner available at Design Eat Repeat, perfect for back to school.

Free Printable ABC Pencil Garland by Design Eat Repeat

I just LOVE this free printable pencil garden bedecked with “ABC” by Design Eat Repeat and I think it would be so cute at the front of the class hanging from the chalkboard, don’t you? And if you homeschool, this little bit of DIY flair would be super adorable, right?

These fun kid crafts and back to school crafts are the perfect kid projects to get ready for the new school year! DIY in style for back to school cool!

These fun kid crafts and back to school crafts are the perfect kid projects to get ready for the new school year! DIY in style for back to school cool!

These fun kid crafts and back to school crafts are the perfect kid projects to get ready for the new school year! DIY in style for back to school cool!

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