Gluing the wood yarn cards together is really easy.

Gluing the cards together is really easy. You’ll need some kind of a clip to hold the 2 cards firmly together as the glue dries. I like using binder clips. You can buy them inexpensively in bulk and they can also be used to hold papers together or chip bags closed. To prevent the clips from digging into the wood you’ll need scraps of fabric or felt.

Apply a thin line of glue around the edge of the card and a squiggle of glue down the center. Be careful not to get globs of glue near the squares to run your yarn through. Sandwich 2 cards together lining up the cut outs.

Wrap a scrap piece of felt or fabric around both pieces. Making sure the cards don’t shift, clip the wood together over the scrap as near the edge of the card as possible. Repeat all around the card. Allow several hours to dry.