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August 19, 2019Allison Murray
Download these free back to school coloring pages!

Download these free back to school coloring pages of 3 of our favorite school subjects, music, art, and science!

Download these free back to school coloring pages!Download these free back to school coloring pages!

Download these free back to school coloring pages!

Download these free back to school coloring pages!

Download these free back to school coloring pages!

Download these free back to school coloring pages!

Download these free back to school coloring pages!

Download these free back to school coloring pages!

Today I’m sharing some super adorable, totally free back to school coloring pages you can download today. Because as much as I enjoy going on vacation in the summer, I must admit I really love fall and back to school season, in particular. Even though I haven’t been a student in ages, I’m always pleased as punch when school starts back up. This is partly because I have 2 nephews that love to learn and I know that they love to be back at it and around their friends. And let’s not forget that teachers go back to school, too! That was a particularly pleasing part of the back to school season for me at one point ;)

Ooh, and with August being back to school time means there are school and office supplies for cheap. I mean, when else can you get a notebook for 10 cents apiece? Not during any other time of the year. That’s like a 90% savings. And being as cheap as I am, that’s HUUUGE, right? And while you’re getting those cheap as all get-out notebooks you might as well score some inexpensive crayons to color up these back to school coloring pages, too, amIright? :)

We’re celebrating our favorite subjects!

When I was especially little my favorite classes were art, music, and science.  Art was a blast because I am okay enough of an artist to enjoy drawing and painting and whatnot. That does not mean, however, that I will ever have anything hanging in The Louvre. I said I’m okay. Not amazing. Music was so much fun because all of those instruments like maracas and the tambourine are just plain FUN to mess with. It didn’t matter that I have always been a little tone-deaf until I was in high school and they asked me to just mouth the words instead of actually singing them :) Okay, so I’m a lot tone-deaf. Whatevs. And it totally doesn’t matter that I had to Google “instrument you hit on your hip” to remember it’s called a tambourine. Just because I don’t know what it’s called doesn’t mean I can’t rock it! :) Science was a blast because I loved experiments and space and dude the science fair? Dude, I loved the science fair!

And so, today in honor of my three favorite subjects we have three scenes in the very classrooms I loved so much and, hopefully, yours do, too. We’ve got the adorable fox art teacher teaching her students how to draw a flower. Then there are the super happy music students jamming out with, seriously, all of my favorite instruments to smack around. And last, but not least we have a science classroom with a very studious bunny with a beaker and 2 kiddos doing the best ever science experiment in the history of elementary school… the erupting volcano! :)

Don’t you just love a free craft?

Like I said, before, all of these fun back to school coloring pages are totally free. All I ask is that you sign up for my weekly newsletter that comes out every Monday morning. It’s totally free and keeps you in the know of recent posts around here. And I hate to brag, but there is a little bit of fun stuff in there, too. Not a bad tradeoff, right?

And so, without further ado, let’s get to sharing these super cute coloring pages that you can print off. We have the perfect at-home printables that are letter-sized *8.5 x 11″). We’ve also included some jumbo coloring pages that print up on tabloid paper (11 x 17″). For the larger pages, FYI, you’ll likely need to hit up the copy store. If you need assistance opening your free zip file, here are 4 different ways to open a zip file.

Download your free back to school coloring pages now:


And now, let’s all have a collective sigh of relief at how quiet the house is these days with school back in session. Whew. That’s nice. Now get your back to school coloring pages printed up. Because keeping the kids busy just might keep the house quiet after homework is done :)

Haha, yay for free printables that remind me very much of Moonrise Kingdom. (Though I’m not sure why, but let me know if they have the same feel for you, too!)

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  • Allison

    August 21, 2019 at 10:32 AM

    Fun! Did you teach at one point? I’m considering going back to school for a teaching degree.

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