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I love making friendship bracelets. In fact I took a handful of printed off patterns and a bag of embroidery floss onto a plane yesterday and zoned out making forward and backward knots and making some wonderfully intricate patterns.

There’s no way in the world I could have ever made these suckers without some very talented people making friendship bracelet patterns you can find online. Where do I find my patterns? I’ve always gone to… You can search by keyword, like chevron, number of strings, number of colors, difficulty and all of that good stuff.

Typically I select my patterns based off of photos of completed patterns. You can choose to only see results with photos and then check ’em out. Does the finished product look anything like the pattern leads you to believe it will? Sometimes it’s a hot mess because it just didn’t translate well. And I’ve braided up one too many like that to go into them blindly anymore.

Friendship bracelet patterns demystified! (video)

Because it takes a while to braid these suckers up. And to be honest I can’t even give you a reasonable estimate of how long. But each one takes HOURS.

And when you get halfway through and realize that you’re just going to quit and toss this bracelet because it looks like crap, that’s sucky feeling.

Friendship bracelet patterns demystified! (video)

At any rate, that’s my info on where to get patterns and how I choose good ones.  I made a video explaining how to read and use these patterns. It’s super simple but it was just easier to say it than write it out. What can I say. I’m feeling super lazy today. So lazy that I just went on ahead with the first take. Meh.

But I hope that if you’ve wanted to make some crazy awesome friendship bracelets, but have been intimidated by the patterns, that you’ll now have the courage and know how to get after it. Though it can be long and tedious work, the results are worth the effort!

Friendship bracelet patterns demystified! (video)