Stitching plastic canvas is cheap and super easy!
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Stitching plastic canvas is fun, it’s easy and it’s inexpensive. And you know how I dig the inexpensive crafts which is why I’m showing you how to stitch plastic canvas. The canvas comes in rectangular sheets that you can cut down as needed plus there is a fun variety of shaped canvases like hearts, circles and even purses.

Stitching it is really super simple and today I’ll show you how… and tomorrow I’ll show you a project to make when you get your stitches down!

For this project you will need:

Threading your needle can be kind of hard at first but there’s no way to get good at it than to practice. So while it may be a pain in your neck at first, you’ll get it down soon enough, I swear!


Bring your yarn up and through a hold on the canvas. Hold about an inch to 2 inches of yarn onto the backside.


Continue holding your back thread and needle through the slot diagonally below and to the left of where you started.


Continue this pattern over and over, taking care to tack down the string you’re holding behind as you go.


It will look like this…


When the stitches are together the canvas fills up and the plastic is no longer visible.


To finish the edges go up through the bottom of your first slot and pull though.


Go up through the very next slot and pull through.


When you get to the corners, you’ll need to do three stitches to cover each side and the corner part. It gets a bit tight but you can finagle it.


When finished, run the yarn through several of the stitches you’ve already made on the back. Pull the yarn taut and trim closely.


So that your back will look like this. See how there are no loose ends? Nifty, eh?

And that, my friends, is all there is to that. I’ll be back tomorrow with a nifty little project I made and the pattern I used to stitch it. See you soon :)