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It wasn’t long ago that I heard a lady at the craft store sighing to her friend “I am so over all of this mason jar crap”. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to go off trends pretty quickly. You know that whole chevron thing that some are still trying to keep alive (die already!)? Well, right in the midst I recovered two pillows chevron and I hated them within a few weeks. You know that whole chalkboard thing? For the most part I’m over it. But mason jars? I’m thinking these guys are going to be forever in crafts!

These super simple mason jar luminaries require very little in tools, supplies and are perfect for even the least crafty crafter out there!

In that same visit I went to grab a mason jar (50% off, heck yeah!) from an end cap and got totally blocked by a wide eyed soccer mom. She started grabbing and shoving these things in her cart and looking at me like I was going to jack her stuff. It was kind of freaky and showed me that mason jars so ain’t over. And if you’re wondering, I just went into the aisle and grabbed my one mason jar and kept on my merry little way.

This project is fun because it is cheap, easy for even the most entry level crafter and requires so little in materials and tools. Plus, the same jars look totally different with solar lights or flickering candles. It’s pretty amazing, really.

So head on over to Mom Spark and check out how to make these ridiculously easy mason jar luminaries!