Snowflake ornaments made out of clothespins are genius!
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I’m not super feeling the Christmas decorating gig right now. I put up a 4 foot tree and that is about all I have in me this year. I haven’t spent a Christmas anywhere but my sister’s house for the past 13 years, or so, now since she has kids everybody goes to her. I guess that’s why it seems such a waste of time to put up all of these decorations when we aren’t even home to enjoy them. And then when we get home a few days after Christmas and 2 days of driving I am over. it. all. Putting it up is like torture.

But while I’m not interested in putting up a Christmas tree I am still interested in Christmas spirit. Does that make sense? I mean Christmas isn’t even about the tree or Christmas lights on the outside of the house, now is it?

So I’m baking Christmas cupcakes (SO cute, y’all) and I’m making Christmas ornaments and I’m listening to Christmas music because I’m not totally a Grinch.

Snowflake ornaments made out of clothespins are genius!

Since I literally found bags upon bags of wooden clothespins the other day I decided to put them to good, merry use. One of my fave projects this past year was revisiting my time as a Brownie and making clothespin trivets like I did as a girl scout 20 some-odd-plus years ago. And since it is my fave I thought, why not go for it and make snowflakes. ‘Cause, I gotta tell  ya we are stocked UP on trivets around here :)

Snowflake ornaments made out of clothespins are genius!

And so my kitty cat JouJou nestled up in my light box and I got to work. There’s no way I can kick that fuzzy guy out of the box. If he wants to craft, by goodness he gets to craft. And in the end? I’m pretty darn stoked with our results.

Head on over to Mom Spark to learn how to turn your basic wooden clothespins into glitzy Glittered Snowflake Clothespin Ornaments.

Snowflake ornaments made out of clothespins are genius!

Love these clothespin snowflakes? Also check out our 20-inch absolutely GIGANTIC Clothespin Snowflakes over here!

Absolutely massive clothespins make the most perfect, 20 inch giant clothespin snowflakes that will be the glittery envy of all of your holiday guests!

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  1. Susie McIntire says:

    Allison, your clothespins rock. I happen to have a couple hundred mini-mini clothes pins. Since I’m doing Christmas on a very small scale this year, making all your clothespins ornaments! Thx!!! Merry Christmas!!