Marbled Washer Necklaces

Washer necklaces are simple to make and super inexpensive. Kick things up a notch with marbling. That's some fancy hardware!

I love interesting pieces of jewelry but I also have quite a strict budget when it comes to accessories. You see, with the exception of watches (which I am practically addicted to) I keep a tight rein on what I allow myself to purchase. Because, to be honest, I just don’t wear necklaces, earrings or bracelets enough to spend good money on them.

BUT I have invested in a few good chains of different lengths that I can switch and swap pendants with. Which brings me to making custom pendants on the cheap… We’ve all been around and seen what’s going down on Pinterest for the past few months, or maybe year. Hardware crafting has been HOT. Take a stroll down the aisle of your local hardware store and prepare to get crafty.

In this case we’re using washers and we’re making them practically unrecognizable with some fancy schancy marbling that is so easy you just won’t believe it! Head on over to Mom Spark to see the full tutorial! DIY Marbled Washer Necklace Tutorial

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  1. Laura says

    Hello! I wanted to comment on your marbleized washers-I love them! And what a coincidence-I did my first one a couple of months ago! I love it-very fun and wildly creative! After I did my first, I went to the hardware store to get many sizes and weights. I like them better than the blanks used for stamping, because there are more options, and as a pendant, we need to have some weight to them. The aluminum blanks are just too thin, since they are basically used to be a charm. I think your design is fabulous, and the type bail you used added some sophistication to your piece without taking over. Keep up the great work!

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