Gold Leaf Flecked Acrylic Bangle Tutorial

Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

I do it all of the time. There is a new type of crafty thing I have never done and instead of testing it out I plan a big ol’ project around it with my very first use. Sometimes I have an amazingly humongous fail on my hands but sometimes when the planets perfectly align I get something like you see hanging out on my wrist up above.

Months and months ago I purchased some Easy Cast basically because I had a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. You know how sometimes you buy something and you have a little list of things it could potentially used for? I had no clue what I was going to do with it at all. Nothing. Nada. And of course I bought the biggest size they had which makes no sense since I didn’t even know how to use it!

But then one day I saw these flakes of gold leaf in a bag. I’m majorly getting into some gold bid-ness so the bag was snapped up, also with absolutely no project in mind. Finally, the pieces came together when I saw acrylic bangle molds on yet another exploration expedition of Hobby Lobby. Wham, bam, check this business out:

For this project you will need:

Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

Read the directions on your casting stuff and mix accordingly. I used a disposable plastic cup and a wooden popsicle stick to stir well. Since I didn’t have anything to properly measure the ounces I guessed on the little dropper of hardener and then added to more drops to be safe. It could have worked out awfully but it didn’t. Get something to measure ounces so this is more scientific.

Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

When mixed per directions, toss in some of the gold leaf and stir until well combined.

Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

Pour directly into your mold and clean away any excess.

Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

Place someplace nice and level and allow to cure per the directions. Do NOT touch until you are pretty darn sure this stuff has set or you WILL have fingerprints to get rid of. I put mine outside in the sun to cure and I was able to keep on keepin’ on about 12 hours after setting the mold outside.


Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

Pop your acrylic bangle out of the mold and note that it takes some doing. At first I thought I was doing it wrong, and heck maybe I was, but you’ll really have to bend and twist that form to get the bangle to pop out. Good news is the reusable mold is still reusable – I didn’t break it!

Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

Now this baby isn’t exactly ready to wear. You can try like I did but the jagged edges are going to mess you up big time… trust me.

Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

Take your bangle and sand away any imperfections while under water. Go ahead and give it a go without the water if you’re curious – it will scratch the acrylic in an ugly way. Working under water is something my dad had suggested to me and the end result was a perfectly smooth surface!

Gold leaf flecked acrylic bangle tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

So there you have an amazing and unique bracelet to wear about town! I used a pretty thick bangle mold and it’s kind of heavy but I dig it anyway. I’m thinking I might make a few more in different widths and acrylic to gold flake ratio for some fun stacking.

Please note that this resin means business and you really, really need adequate ventilation. I can often work in my office with both windows open and the fan on and have ventilation that is acceptable for working with nasty fumes. I tried in this situation and honestly, I didn’t even realize that the fumes were getting to me until I tried to stand up to take it outside to cure. It was that sounds echo type of feeling and it was awful. Though the wind was blowing well and I thought I was safe, in the future I will always work with this stuff OUTSIDE!

Happy Friday! I hope you’ll take advantage of a fine weekend for some fun times!

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  1. says

    wow! So beautiful but so simple! I bought resin years ago and I've always been meaning to make some bangles and rings. Hopefully one of these days I'll finally pull it out and give it a go. Great tip with the water too! :)


  2. Allison Murray says

    Thanks so much, ladies!
    Mon – my "craft storage" is bursting at the seams (which means is all over the floor) and isabsolutely ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!
    Dom – you should bust that resin out! It's a lot of fun :)

  3. says

    I LOVE this! You were the link before me at the Not JUST A Housewife link party! I am so glad! This is beautiful! I am so pinning for future reference! I love metallics! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

    It's Always Ruetten

  4. says

    Oh wow, that's gorgeous! You've inspired me to try casting resin. And I know just what you mean about doing a big project with a brand new technique. Definitely done that, with mixed results. So glad it worked out perfectly for you this time, though! :-)

  5. Allison Murray says

    Thanks, Nash – I've been collecting stuff to cast in resin like crazy so I know EXACTLY what you mean :)

  6. Allison Murray says

    Hello, Belle! I am so excited about your sprinkles. I have been playing with other "mix ins" as well and I just got a bottle of sprinkles this week!

    The bangle molds do come in other thicknesses. There are 2 sizes thinner than this one that I know of. Good luck!

  7. says

    I've been lurking here for awhile and finally just wanted to comment – I LOVE this bracelet idea! I recently started making my own epoxy bangles using dried flowers, but I love this gold fleck idea. I think this may be my next project! Thanks so much for posting :)

  8. Allison Murray says

    Oooh, Beth, I love the dried flowers idea. If you have pics, I would kill to see them! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  9. says

    Hi Allison, I am going to attempt a similar bangle later tonight you gave me the inspiration! I went to michaels today for the 80% off sale and left with everything except what I went there for which was the gold flakes and some more mold builder So I am going to try some aluminum foil i have used an alcohol ink rub on and cut/tore into little pieces. I wanted to let you know a little bit more about the product you are using. Castin Craft makes another form of resin that is much easier for us non industrial users to design with. ( here is the link) I am a mom of a toddler so fumes are a big deal to me. And I always had problems with the exact amount of drops of hardener to add.Until I switched to the no smell 1 to 1 ratio type of resin So I contacted ETI (the corporation that makes it) to inquire about other products my local craft store didn't offer. They are always prompt with a return email and Carmi (who is amazing!) not only answered all my questions, but introduces me to the woman who is in charge of there endorsement program. Yep thats right Allison you did a great project here and were smart enough to credit the company that believes in local artists If you want to send me an email I will pass along Carmi"s info to you so you can get all the paperwork filled out to be compensated for this brilliant piece of wearable art. I do not want to leave it on an open thread and have them spammed or bombarded with requests.I am not an employee or a representative of ETI. Just a big fan of there products.And the incredible staff that i have corresponded with so far.I have tried many out there and this is the one I adore! look forward to speaking with you (and letting you know if mine turned out or not) Hillary Marek

    • says

      You might try E-6000. I’ve found that it dries really, really clear and very strongly. I’d definitely do a test to be sure but I think it’s going to be your winner :)

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