Gigantic Peg Board Cross Stitch Wall Art

Gigantic cross stitch wall art tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

I was standing in Home Depot looking for a piece of precut plywood that was just right but I didn’t find it. But I DID find 2′ x 4′ piece of peg board. I grabbed it and started walking toward the back. Russell “What are you doing with that?” Me: “I’m going to have it cut.” Russell: “Why?” Me: “Because I’m going to make a huge-ass cross stitch out of it.” Russell: “…”

While the fellow was cutting my piece into two conveniently sizes 2′ x 2′ pieces of pegboard I felt like rubbing my hands together like an evil super villain or a  praying mantis because I felt like a genius. How crafty am I?!? As it turns out someone else published the idea before me!

I’d been working on my gigantic peg board cross stitch little by little and one evening when I was going through my Bloglovin’ feed (actually taking a break from stitching this massive thing on my bed) when I saw it. Someone else and already posted a gigantic peg board cross stitch tutorial on Design Sponge. I yelled “Russell I’ve been scooped!” to which he responded. “Okay.”

The one at Design Sponge (in case you didn’t click the link) uses the full 2×4 size to cross-stitch the family name in a single color and takes around 5 hours to complete. By comparison mine is half the size and took approximately 8-9 hours total using 7 colors of yarn. While they both are based on the same premise, they are totally different projects. If you dig this one, definitely check out the other.

For this project you will need:

Gigantic cross stitch wall art tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

First you’ll need to find a pattern that will work with 23 stitches by 23 stitches. I tried working something up or finding a pattern online but I kept having a specific pattern in mind that I couldn’t find. At my wits end I started searching Pinterest where I found it. The reason nothing I worked out made me happy was because I had this absolutely perfect pattern burned into my brain. Since Mrs. F, aka the cheekiest monkey of all,  had the pattern online I decided I was destined to use her brilliance!

It was slightly too big so I took my ruler and marked out 23×23 making sure that I was able to keep the bulk of the pattern’s detail.

Gigantic cross stitch wall art tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

My peg board was originally white and that didn’t go with the color scheme in my mind. A cheap dollar can of black spray paint and I was all set to get to work.

In the pic above is a yarn needle. They sell them as plastic or metal and I have both. Be warned that pegboard this large is kind of awkward to work with. The metal needles are SHARP and trust me that you’re going to jab yourself a time or two. Go plastic. You can find them at hobby stores but I got 2 for $2 at Wal-Mart by the crochet and knitting needles.

Gigantic cross stitch wall art tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

To be good and visible you’re going to have to double it up. Simply string your yarn on the needle and tie a knot at the end. Each stitch will be made out of 2 strands rather than 1.

Alternatively you could purchase really thick yarn but I had a problem with that for 2 reasons. 1 – thick yarn is considerably more expensive for considerably less. 2 – there weren’t enough colors to accommodate my pattern well.

Gigantic cross stitch wall art tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

In the very beginning I just let the end of my yarn dangle while I was stitching but with changing colors frequently the excess started to get in the way. I began using tape to tack down the yarn hanging out at the beginning and end of each section.

Also because this is a timely undertaking, I would tape my pattern and needle onto the back of the board when I was done for the time to keep from losing them.

Gigantic cross stitch wall art tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

This is actually where I was when “I got scooped”. See how often the colors change? It seems like a pain in the neck but the end result is so fantastic that it’s worth it!

Now all of the tape on the back was well and good until it started raining for like 4 days straight. The humidity had tape falling off and winding up everywhere. As a result, I busted out my handy dandy hot glue gun and affixed the ends and snipped the edges. In the end it’s a lot cleaner, anyway.

Put an oversized picture hanger in the middle with a heck of a lot of hot glue.

Gigantic cross stitch wall art tutorial at Dream a Little BiggerAnd here is an up close of the action. It’s kind of like a Monet painting in that the closer you get, the harder it is to make out the image the xs make. Be sure that you have a space to hang or place this big boy where you have plenty of room between you and the hanging. I tested my cross stitch out in a smaller room (my office) and it was more difficult to make out and it was distracting.

Gigantic cross stitch wall art tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger

And here it is hanging on my kitchen/dinette area wall! I purposefully placed it somewhere I can see it when eating at the table or sitting in “my spot” in the living room. I love, love love this sucker. Thanks again to the cheekiest monkey for creating a fascinating pattern and sharing it on her blog!

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  1. says

    Allison, I am IN LOVE with this project!! What a fun and clever DIY… Don't you love those random "ah ha!" creative moments at the craft/hardware/whatever store? AND isn't getting scooped the WORST? It always seems to happen just as you're about to finish or post a project you're really stoked about…

    Ahh, but I love this… Definitely adding "huge ass cross stitch" to my list of future projects. :)

  2. Allison Murray says

    I would highly recommend making your own "big ass cross stitch", Mon! Thanks for the sweet compliments and the gettin' scooped camaraderie!

  3. says

    I hate it when that happens! Getting "scooped," that is. (Thanks for giving me a term for a concept I totally get.) You've done it once again – – created something so fabulous, it causes my mouth to drop and makes me want to reach for me keys to run out and grab supplies. Oh wait, I already have 10 other projects on my to do list? Riiiiiight. Soon, though! I'd love to get back to cross-stitching like I did as a wee lass, but now on a much more epic scale. So cool!

  4. says

    Dude! I kid you not, I've had a piece of pegboard in my garage since around Thanksgiving just waiting to do this too! I kept seeing all the awesome oversized painted cross stitched walls on Pinterest, and I thought I'd be a genius and do something a little less permanent. Great minds! This looks freaking amazing, and I'm feeling totally re-inspired and itching to make my own now!

  5. Allison Murray says

    Thanks so much, ladies! Getting scooped did stink but it's not the first time and it won't be the last :) I'm especially sorry that I scooped you, Heidi! But I know exactly what you mean… I do the same thing frequently. I wonder, do I put this thing out I've been working on or do I hang on to it because it will look like I copied. Ah, well! Sweet compliments are much appreciated, Lauren, Heidi, Natasha!

  6. says

    Wow! Allison you always blow me away! I seriously don't know how you have the time and energy to do all of these craft projects! You just don't stop! And they are always so unique and wonderful. I love this (and actually had seen the Design Sponge version, but wasn't really a fan). Yours is so pretty and looks great! Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Allison Murray says

    Hey, Jessica. You will need seven different colors of yarn. One for the background (i used a gray-blue), two greens for the leaves, and four similar colors for the petals that go from light to two medium tones to dark. Does that help?

  8. Jane says

    Ok, this is gorgeous! Know this is a long shot, but you don’t happen to know what yarn and shades you used, do you?? My biggest fear is picking the wrong colors and yours look amazing!

    • says

      I went through all of my yarn last night and I’ve used so much of them that the paper sleeves aren’t on them anymore. BUT, I can tell you that the vast majority of the yarn was from Hobby Lobby, the I Love This Yarn brand. I think the only one that was Red Heart was the brightest red. I hope that helps!!!

      • Jane says

        Thank you so much Allison! So sweet of you to check, and yes that is a big help. Was planning on going to Hobby Lobby anyway and now I know what to look for:)

  9. Angela says

    This has so become a christmas gift for my brother and his wife :) Of course I’m going to be doing a Union Jack to commemorate where they had their wedding :)

  10. says

    I LOVE THIS!! I would like to blog about this and use an image from your post. I would totally link to you and give you credit for the idea, etc. I am wanting to suggest this as beautiful piece of art for an early childhood setting instead of the grinning teddy bears wearing raincoats that you usually see. If you give me permission, I will send you a link when I get the post done. THANKS!

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