Zombie Pumpkins this Halloween!

October 15, 2012Allison Murray

Zombie Pumpkins this Halloween! Michael Jackson from Thriller pumpkin carving pattern.

Michael Jackson from Thriller. Carved in 2012!

Long time no see… It’s been a bad couple of days for me. Stomach bug, dislocated knee and things getting misplaced – like all of the time. I lost a giant spider glittered hot pink (have since found). I lost the top of my pumpkin I carved (still no clue). I lost my Kindle. (found only minutes after I threw a major I’m sick and cursed hissy fit which is always embarrassing).

And then there is today. I still don’t know where the top of the pumpkin is. I figure either some varmint ran off with it or I’ll find it somewhere in the house when it starts to rot. But that’s just the way things go sometimes isn’t it? It’s good to be back, sorry for the absence and I’m not going to whine and moan any more. Onto the pumpkins!

I’m a pumpkin carver. There is no telling how many pumpkins I have carved in my life, but I’d estimate it in the TONS and I’m only being a little bit sarcastic. Maybe a lot.

Zombie Pumpkins this Halloween! -- Hermann Munster pumpkin carving pattern.

Herman Munster, carved in 2010. Sorry it is fuzzy! Taking pics of jack o’ lanterns is really, really hard. No joke.

One of my nephews was born near Halloween. That means, you guessed it, Halloween themed birthday parties with a boat-load of jack o’ lanterns. I’ve travelled down to my sister’s house with so many pumpkins in the back of my car that I was worried about getting pulled over. Not because of a ticket, but what kind of person travels across the state with a bunch of pumpkins in a car? Not a farm truck. A car.

Since I think that good companies that provide good services for a good price should be shared with others, I’m doing just that. Zombie Pumpkins is a cult phenomenon begun and run by Ryan Wickstrand who calls himself the “Patch Master”. This year, his pet project is celebrating 10 years.

Zombie Pumpkins this Halloween! -- Eye of the Beholder pumpkin carving pattern.

Zombie Pumpkins original pattern “Eye of the Beholder”, carved 2011.

The patterns are excellent. They are easy to follow and there is a rating guide that ranges from beginner to maniac that will help you pick out patterns not only that you dig, but can conceivably do well. The costs are very reasonable:

  • $2  – 2 patterns of your choice
  • $5  – 25 patterns of your choice
  • $10 – access to 303 patterns
  • $20 – access to 303 patterns + VIP patterns + donation to charity

I have been using these patterns for a number of years and I always come back. If you’re looking for some classy pumpkins or some kid appropriate designs, I really couldn’t recommend this site more. http://www.zombiepumpkins.com/

Last of all, I’ll share with you a handful of my pumpkin carving tips. They’re not so much mine as ones I have heard of and use myself.

Zombie Pumpkins this Halloween

  1. Notch the top of your pumpkin so that you can easily replace the lid.
  2. Use a push pin to transfer your patterns onto your pumpkin (those wheely things in the store bought kits suck)
  3. Soak your pumpkin in bleach water for 4 hours or more after carving. Resoak for an hour or so every couple of days. This helps your pumpkin from drying out and rotting. I have had carved pumpkins last 2 weeks with this method!
  4. Remember that it takes time to carve a pumpkin. I always start after it gets dark and regret it the later it gets!
  5. Buy one of those carving kits from the store. Everything but that little wheely thing are great. Or, get a professional kit.

That’s all I have for today, happy Monday! And check back for a very feminine Shoesday tomorrow and more Halloweeny goodness this week!


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