Zentangle Sneakers

April 22, 2015Allison Murray
Zentangle up some sneakers

Zentangle up some sneakers

So… this whole Zentangle thing might be getting a little out of hand. Just a little bit. Or maybe a lot. I borrowed a book from the library a while ago basically because I couldn’t find anything else…

I’m digging this whole #zentangle business. Like a lot. Going to get white paper and black pens so as to be not quite so tweentangle. #crafts

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 I brought that book home and started messing around with construction paper and glitter jelly pens because I’m only pretending to be in my mid-thirties and am, in reality, a teenage girl.

Emergency rooms are boring. But this one is cozy and I got some black pens and white paper. Really into @zentangle. Like 10 pages worth into it.

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I was ‘tangling in the Emergency Room while my dad was sitting next to me with a hole that he bit all the way through his tongue. He’s cool now in case you’re worried!

It only made sense that very, very shortly I would be getting after a pair of kicks with the Zentangle fever. They’re over  at iLoveToCreate. Check ’em out!

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