Wood Slice Wreath

December 13, 2014Allison Murray
Simple Wood Slice Wreath for Winter

Simple Wood Slice Wreath for Winter


I like decorating for seasons more than holidays, really. Seasons last several months where holidays you can really only decorate for for a few weeks. I guess that more and more people are actually decorating for longer, but I’d feel like an idiot for some reason.

I am one of those people who gets irritated when I walk into Hobby Lobby and see Christmas decorations being stocked up in summer. Seriously. Like my face goes all red and I don’t really know why I care so much.

Simple Wood Slice Wreath for Winter

At any rate, I grabbed some wood slices via Etsy and made a wreath that will be pretty and relevant the entire winter long. It is simple and I love it. See how to make your own at Mom Spark now! Wood Slice Winter Wreath Tutorial.

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